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I invite you to end that internal tug-of-war between what you desire to enjoy and experience, and that old message that it’s more important to be practical…and to be satisfied with what you’ve got now.

If there’s a dream calling from within you for MORE, decide now whether or not to honor that dream…expand and grow in creativity, joy and love the way we were all meant to do.  Are you sick and tired of settling for less???

iconmonstr-check-mark-11-icon-256blue ck mk 40049875Yes, Evelyn…I’m serious about transforming all areas of my life — health, relationships, success and career, and my time and money freedom — and I am ready and willing to shift my attitude and actions to make these changes possible. I want to improve my results, live my big dreams, bring my gifts to the world, and live an incredibly rich and satisfying life!

I Want To Be a Part of…


90 Days Coaching Program

The value of this incredible training to lead a joyful and prosperous life is over $30,000. You will enjoy all the benefits for less than 5% of that price! As you’ll discover, the results in your life will be simply priceless.

Once you know how to blueprint your life, build your dreams and enjoy them, you’ll own these life skills to use again and again, for years to come. What a huge difference this comprehensive training will make to you and your family!

If you’ve got more stress than success in your life, then ALL MY DREAMS FULFILLED is for you.

Learn more here, or simply choose your payment preference below and get started now as a member with all the privileges to access 17 CDs, a powerful workbook chockfull of thought-provoking questions and lessons, bonus material, weekly lectures, weekly Laser Coaching Calls, and more.

Take advantage of my Special Offer to purchase one “season pass” for 13 weeks of coaching and Bring a Friend (or Spouse) for half price. Or simply purchase your individual season pass and join us.

Get ready to kick butt on your problems, issues, and all those results that upset and dismay you.

Which reminds me, the bonus Kickoff Session is Thursday Sept 4 (yep, same night as the NFL season kickoff) on the phone with me at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern (the conference call will be recorded) — I’ll teach you how to write out a powerful Vision Statement for your entire life. Without a map, you’ll continue going in circles in a hit-or-miss fashion, sometimes getting things you like but more often than not falling short of your dreams.

12 weeks of LIVE coaching classes start on Monday Sept. 8 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. All conference calls will be recorded, and are just part of this amazing, life transforming course you will embark on over the next 90 days with me.

All payments are processed with PayPal–you can use your checking account, debit card or credit card, and you do not need to open a PayPal account.  CLICK ON A BLUE LINK TO SELECT YOUR CHOICE:


ONE PAYMENT $1492 for one person

3-PAY PLAN  3 payments of $570 for one person



ONE PAYMENT $2238  (savings = $746 compared to buying separately) for both of you

3-PAY PLAN 3 payments of $860 for both of you

Want to know more before deciding? Learn more here

Do You Have a Broken Picker?

As part of my “stress relief” blogging, I frequently address the topic of codependency — aka people pleasing.  Most people pleasers know who they are, and may even feel bitter about being this way. It can be a real drain on your energy to feel you have to juggle everyone’s needs at all times — while ignoring your own!

A prime place for people pleasing to cause problems is in romantic relationships. If you’re a people pleaser, you probably have a long history of ending up with guys who seemed sweet and fun at first, but quickly became very demanding and insistent on having their needs met at all times. On the surface, the match seems out of kilter, but when you look at the relationship dynamics in the engine of each person in the relationship, you see that both are no doubt acting out the same relationship they witnessed their parents struggling with when they were growing up. One person makes all the demands, the other mutters angrily but bows to the one who seems to wield all the power.

If you’re sick and tired of this old pattern of yours… if you are stuck in a crazy relationship right now and you’ve attempted to leave but always back down… I’ve got great news for you!

My newest coaching program is now up and ready for you. It’s called “Attract the Guy You WANT!”  It’s set up as an e-course that is fully downloadable. That means nothing is shipped to you that could tip off the guy you’re with that YOU are about to start making major changes in how you operate in the world and in the relationship. You’re gonna take back your rightful power as a loving woman, and I show you how step-by-step.  Although I call it a 14-week course, you get full access to all the audios (10 hours of coaching lessons) and the 50-page workbook as soon as you purchase the low-cost program, even if it’s midnight.  That means you can decide for yourself how quickly you want to progress through the lessons: week by week with the workbook assignments, or as fast as you can gulp it all down and hit the ground running.

If you have a friend who could use this information — do her a favor and share this link:  Attract the Guy You WANT!

See you there!


Dump The Jerk


Let’s be frank about relationships for a moment — some of them are really NOT in your best interest, right? (Or mine, either!) Some relationships truly suck, and it can be extremely stressful when you stay in a relationship despite a very real longing to leave.

read more

Be-Happier Tip: Consider His Point of View

Feeling stressed with your S.O. or mate? In any relationship, there are at least “two” sides to the situation or challenge you’re facing. Read below to see how you can find them, and why it is crucial that you do it now, without wasting any more time on fruitless arguments and giving each other the cold shoulder of disapproval and disappointment.

The reason I say at least two is that often an impartial person can shed some light on another Point of View that you haven’t considered. That’s why people sign up for coaches and go to therapists, hoping that someone else can reach in and fix what’s going wrong.

But for now, let’s look at how you can reduce your stress level by putting aside what you want for the moment, and instead take a look at what the “he” or “she” in your life is experiencing.

It’s that old saying about “walk a mile in my shoes” — and it really does work to take an honest look at how the situation looks from the other person’s viewpoint.

You will probably discover that this person is not your enemy — both of you DO want to have a happy relationship, but you’ve gotten caught up in that terrible trap of clinging to what you each think you “must” have in order to be happy.

When you look instead at what it would take to make the relationship itself stronger, healthier, happier, all of a sudden a door opens on new opportunities for communication.

  • let go of your need to be “right” — abandon that old idea because it is a harmful one and keeps you stuck in thinking only about yourself and your egoistic needs
  • ask the other person what they want!  Sounds simple, but many times we simply assume we know… and that assumption might be totally wrong
  • share from the heart what you are hoping for
  • agree to disagree on the aspects that you can’t seem to resolve about the situation
  • and agree to work in tandem to build and renew the love and the things that you do agree on

to your health and happiness,



Be-Happier Tip: Don't Get Narcissized

One of the most stressful relationships you can land in is one with a narcissist. If you’ve been “narcissized” — attacked by a narcissist — you might not even know it on a conscious level. But you sure do feel rotten and confused. Putting it briefly, a narcissist is someone who views the world and all the people in it through special “me-colored glasses.”

Be-Happier Tip: the Secret to Serving Others Well

Whether you are in business for yourself, work for someone else, or run a household, you no doubt come in contact with other people on a regular basis. How you choose to treat them sets up your day to be full of anger, resentments and strife, or to be overflowing with joy and right actions.

Always Send Love

Don’t stress out over relationships that didn’t work – learn how to come from a place of love in every conversation. Watch the video for inspiration.

5 Top Things Your Mom Didn't Teach You

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. What do you wish your mom had taught you? Can you add to this list?

What do you wish your mom taught you?

Stop by and join my private survey of what lessons your mom taught you about life — and what you WISH she had taught you.

Be-Happier Tip: be present

Stop by my blog and leave a comment on how you can be present for your family and friends.