Quick Stress Relief when You’re Freaking Out

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Quick Stress Relief when You’re Freaking Out

All of us have “those” days — when it seems that everything is going wrong. Traffic jams. An argument with a friend or coworker. The list can be a long one, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time on looking at ways things go wrong. Let’s shift the power of our thinking over to what we do want our life experience to be, and focus on the vision we want to create.

Sometimes that advice can seem to fall in the category of “easier said than done” — so I wan’t to give you a helpful tip for the transition from being upset to feeling more in charge of your life.

A quick way to lower your stress, no matter where you are or what time of day it is, is to simply ask yourself: “Do I like how I’m feeling right now?”

If you don’t like it, then realize that you — and you alone — have the power to shift your thinking toward something that is:
a) more pleasant, such as
thinking about someone you
love – this could be a pet
or a human!
b) more empowering, such
as reminding yourself that
everything works out in your
life for your greater good
(when you repeat that daily,
it does come true)
c) more energizing, such as
deep breathing, relaxing
your shoulders, saying a
calming mantra like “I am
beautiful, I am God’s hands
in this world of ours”

What would it feel like? It would feel really nice, wouldn’t it? To simply recognize that you’re feeling bummed out and stressed, and then make a quiet shift inside, like changing gears in a car — get out of “reverse” mode that’s taking you down paths you don’t really want to travel, and slide into “DRIVE” — and point your energy toward experiences that feel good inside.

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