Leading an awakened life

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Why are some people happy in life, and others just aren’t (even when great stuff happens to them)? It’s all about attitude, in my opinion. But so many people struggle to keep things going and hope to grab a little happiness “some day.”  If this sounds familiar to you, you will probably enjoy what my friend Michael Beckwith says about this.
(If you saw the movie “The Secret,” he was featured as one of the spiritual teachers).  I may be the QUEEN of happiness, but I have to admit that Michael is the KING. He teaches it. He lives it. He knows the ‘SECRET’! Here’s what he said: Once when I was speaking on the subject of happiness someone asked, “Why is it that when I am doing things that are supposed to make me happier I just feel more empty?” When I asked him what those things included he gave me a long list of activities – hobbies, working out, seminars, social outings and things of that nature. What is clear, I shared, is that external events are neutral – they don’t in themselves produce happiness.

I agree completely — happiness is an INSIDE JOB! You have to take care of your insides before all the things you want will start manifesting on the OUTSIDE. That’s the Law of Attraction, in a nutshell.

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Evelyn Brooks
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