Does Wanting It Mean You Can Have It?

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When we open up to understanding the laws of creation, and that we have the power to experience a more joyful life by deliberately focusing on what we want, many of us get stuck. We wonder, “But can I really have it all?” … “Aren’t I being greedy to ask for so much when so many people have so little?” … “Shouldn’t I narrow my list down to one or two of the most important things I’d really like to have?”


Harriet Emilie Cady (1848-1941) was an American homeopathic physician and the author of several books on spiritual development. Her book Lessons in Truth, A Course of Twelve Lessons in Practical Christianity (1896) has sold over 1.6 million copies. With her focus on learning to access “truth” and what it means to each of us, she provides lessons that are applicable to our lives today, and in fact are considered part of the core teachings of the Unity Church.


“A desire in the heart for anything,” Cady said, “is God’s sure promise sent beforehand to indicate that it is yours already in the limitless realm of supply.”


We see so many quotes shared in social media that it’s easy to gulp down the words at a quick glance, nod in agreement that it’s positive and useful, and then pass it on to friends. And yet, how often do we pause and really take in the meaning the person being quoted wanted to convey to us?


When we look at a quotation such as the one above from H. Emilie Cady, it’s so easy to dismiss it as being too similar to other things we’ve read or seen online or heard from others. Let’s look at it more closely and see the power to create change in your life:


“A desire in the heart for anything” – It all starts with desire. You might wake up with it, or it comes seemingly out of the blue one day, but you realize that your heart is calling you. You start smiling about this desire, and you know without further examination that you would love to experience it.


“is God’s sure promise sent beforehand” – Whatever we desire is an idea from Spirit for more expansion, and the seed of the desire, like any seed in nature, holds within it the energy to sprout, grow and blossom. The seed of a flower doesn’t get the energy after it’s planted—it comes with the energy inside it, a promise of full self-expression.


“to indicate that it is yours already” – Hey, it’s yours, sweetie! If you thought of it, if your heart is running over with joyful music at the very idea of creating or enjoying this, then it is yours. You don’t have to run around and paste your name on it or file a claim for it at some universal patent office on cloud nine. It’s yours. Already.


“in the limitless realm of supply.” – You can’t ask for “too much” – that’s a human concept that is upside down and backwards and comes from the Old Worldview of thinking that life is all about looking at our conditions and then deciding what we can achieve or have or be or do. Limitless. That means you can take as much as you want and there will always be more, for you and for everyone else. Supply—it’s an amazing storehouse or warehouse crammed and jammed with every idea in the universe and plenty of room for new ideas and their fulfillment.


Now that you know you can have whatever you want – and that means truly want, not just a passing fancy or idle wish, but a genuine desire, such as for prosperity, love, more compassion and peace in your life and that of others – what are you going to do next?