Be-Happier Tip: 3 Reasons To Keep On Smiling

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After all, you might say, “I’ve got too much on my mind!”… or “I’m working on a problem right now!”  … or “I’m going through some heavy stuff, dude!”

If we can pause for a moment and think about it, we usually realize there’s always time for a smile.  Here are three good reasons to go ahead and lift the corners of your mouth — get out of that upside-down grimace and start smiling:

  1. You’ll send feel-good hormones rushing through your body, so you will feel more empowered to tackle that “problem” you’ve got.
  2. You’ll be more pleasant to be around and thus will attract friendly, happy people into your orbit — they can offer support for what you’re trying to accomplish and help you keep your focus on the positive
  3. You’ll feel energized instead of down in the dumps!

Watch this lovely video of Dean Martin singing one of my fave happy songs “When You’re Smiling” — the clip is from a 50s TV show called “The Colgate Hour” (yes, for you youngsters that means Colgate toothpaste was the show’s sponsor!) —




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