Weekend Be-Happier Tip#20

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Build your self-esteem.

This weekend, do something that breaks through your regular routine.

Most people suffer from a level of inadequacy, at least some of the time. If  you find that your opinion of yourself is generally in the low range, then do something about it! It won’t magically change all by itself. You’ll never be successful and happy if you don’t learn to value yourself.

And yet it doesn’t have to require major effort on your part, either.

Here are quick cures for feeling low about yourself:

  • Do something nice for another person
  • Do an “esteemable” act to raise your own self-esteem
  • Read an uplifting story or biography about someone who has overcome situations like you are in, and take inspiration from their life
  • Stop putting yourself down. Catch yourself when you are being negative or complaining, and cut it out!
  • Compliment others in your life. Get in the habit of saying nice things.
  • And if they compliment you in return, simply say “thank you” — don’t put yourself down or give a dozen reasons why they are wrong to compliment you.
  • Repeat this affirmation throughout the day: “I do enough, I am good enough, I am enough.”

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