Weekend “Be-Happier” Tip #11

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Hi, your happiness guru just lost the entire blog post before I could publish it, but hey that stuff happens and I’m still smiling.

Here’s what I wanted to say (but you can bet I’m typing faster and this will be shorter than before!) — I’ve decided to post a weekly “Be-Happier Tip” and I’ll catch up later and give you tips for the 10 weeks that have already passed in 2010, but here’s one for this weekend.

Be-Happier Tip #11 of 52  Spring forward!  Instead of looking back at all the things in your life that you  messed up and wish you could do-over (like editing a blog post or a Facebook entry or sending an “oops” email to fix the wrong info you just blasted to your list) keep moving ahead.


Announcement:  Reminder, my next free monthly teleseminar workshop is Wed. 3/17 at 11am PDT/2pm EDT.  Your questions determine the content of the call, so be sure to go to www.askevelynbrooks.com and ask your most challenging question. The topic:  Your Happiness Wish List.   What are the things (people!) you wish you could change so that you could be happy?

Change your clocks tonight if you’re springing an hour ahead for Daylight Saving Time. “Spring Forward!”

To your success and happiness,

Evelyn Brooks

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