Stress and Ignoring Your Intuition

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Stress and Ignoring Your Intuition
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Have you ever ignored a hunch? Or heard that little voice within tell you to make a certain choice, and you barreled ahead in the opposite direction… only to realize later that you “should” have listened to yourself? That’s your intuition that was speaking. It’s your inner connection to the Source we all come from. The problem is that most of us never learned to develop our intuitive factor. In fact, we were told that others knew better about our feelings and desires than we did.

Have you ever seen a well-meaning parent try to force a child to clean their plate even though the child has said they are full? Or a friend or family member trying to talk you out of something you are about to buy by telling you, “Oh, you don’t want that color. You don’t even like orange.” And, suddenly filled with misgivings about your own supposedly faulty judgment, you put it back and buy the one they agree is better for you.

Countless lessons like that teach us not to listen to our own body and our own thoughts, but to look “out there” for approval and for direction. That pattern of looking outside creates a tremendous amount of stress! How have you ignored your intuition and perhaps taken a path you later realized was the wrong choice?

Did you learn something by the mistake?

Don’t fault yourself for making mistakes–that’s part of our human experience. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to feel the contrast between the way we do want to behave and the way we don’t want to behave. This concept applies to all our experiences. When we take the time to examine what went wrong, or why we feel upset, we can find the solution, and a better path to follow.

with love,

Evelyn Brooks

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