Lighten Up and Release Your Inner Power–Global Teleclass Tonight!

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How would you like 2013 to be the year you finally put to rest all the “junk” that’s been on your back year after year, so that you can move ahead with ease and all the power you need to achieve your goals? Register now for the free one-hour training I’m doing tonight at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern at Global Teleclass

Here’s what I’ll be covering in the one-hour free training session…

Teleclass Description:

Ever wish someone would swoop in and transform your results in romance, family relationships, the work you’re doing at home and in the world, and the amount of money freedom and fun you have?

Evelyn would like to help you start off the New Year with shiny new techniques for your Life Toolbox to replace the rusty tools you’ve been using out of habit: the Complaining Chisel, the Worrying Wrench, the Shifting-Blame Screwdriver, the Regrets Ratchet, the Heartache Hammer and the Dream-Destroying Drill.

During this class, you’ll enjoy playing five games that invite you to:

 Lighten up and stop dragging around that old ball-and-chain of worry and indecision that holds you back from a full, rich and satisfying life

 Learn how to shift your mood from sad to happy in twelve seconds or less  as you say the right kind of farewell to the year that just ended and then welcome the new year with a clear mind and heart

 Forgive yourself and others, no matter how long you’ve been holding a grudge, resentment or shame mentality

 Stop mirroring the upset you feel inside over all the things you don’t want in your life, and access the hidden power of your energy tractor-beam to manifest what you do want
 Generate all the energy you need to bring your biggest dreams down from those castles in the sky and into the life you are experiencing

…and much, much more

Once you register, you’ll be emailed the number to call and the pin code to access my conference line tonight.  Sign up even if you cannot attend the live event tonight — because that way you’ll be emailed a link for the replay! And it is also going to be available at no charge to you.

This is my special Happy New Year offer to you, to help you start manifesting the results you want to see. I hope you’ll join the hundreds of people who’ve already signed up. Here’s that link again, to register for free access to the coaching tonight:  Global Teleclass

all the best,


PS Here’s the link to my 28-day e-course “Healing Your Broken Dreams” 


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