How to Harness the Power of Your Inner Thinking

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How to Harness the Power of Your Inner Thinking
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We think all the time. Much of the time it’s just a random steady flow of input that speeds past, and then we grab a thought that interests us (or scares us!) and focus more attention on that. So tell me:  what is your next thought going to be?

The first time I heard the question–Quick, can you tell me what your next thought will be?–was from Dr. Joe Vitale (you saw him in the hit film THE SECRET).  I’ve studied with Joe for a few years now, and I’m one of his certified Law of Attraction Practitioners.  In Joe’s audio program THE ABUNDANCE PARADIGM, he explains the only possible response to that question.

The answer is that you cannot predict your next thought! When I asked you above, your mind went completely blank, didn’t it? All we can do is think a thought NOW. In the moment. This moment truly is all we have, but much of the time we waste the power of our now-moments by dredging up old episodes from the past and running them through the video channel in our head. Along with the words and images, we bring up the emotion from the past, thus activating that same emotion in our now-moment.

I want you to pause and think about what that means.

We do the same thing when we reach ahead into the future with our imagination and either terrorize ourselves with worried predictions of doom and gloom, or perhaps envision a wonderful event that we’re planning. Most of the time, though, we misuse our imagination for the future and inadvertently cast out a sort of “spell” that will actually come true in the coming days and months because we brought it to life with our imaginings.

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