Do You Have a Broken Picker?

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As part of my “stress relief” blogging, I frequently address the topic of codependency — aka people pleasing.  Most people pleasers know who they are, and may even feel bitter about being this way. It can be a real drain on your energy to feel you have to juggle everyone’s needs at all times — while ignoring your own!

A prime place for people pleasing to cause problems is in romantic relationships. If you’re a people pleaser, you probably have a long history of ending up with guys who seemed sweet and fun at first, but quickly became very demanding and insistent on having their needs met at all times. On the surface, the match seems out of kilter, but when you look at the relationship dynamics in the engine of each person in the relationship, you see that both are no doubt acting out the same relationship they witnessed their parents struggling with when they were growing up. One person makes all the demands, the other mutters angrily but bows to the one who seems to wield all the power.

If you’re sick and tired of this old pattern of yours… if you are stuck in a crazy relationship right now and you’ve attempted to leave but always back down… I’ve got great news for you!

My newest coaching program is now up and ready for you. It’s called “Attract the Guy You WANT!”  It’s set up as an e-course that is fully downloadable. That means nothing is shipped to you that could tip off the guy you’re with that YOU are about to start making major changes in how you operate in the world and in the relationship. You’re gonna take back your rightful power as a loving woman, and I show you how step-by-step.  Although I call it a 14-week course, you get full access to all the audios (10 hours of coaching lessons) and the 50-page workbook as soon as you purchase the low-cost program, even if it’s midnight.  That means you can decide for yourself how quickly you want to progress through the lessons: week by week with the workbook assignments, or as fast as you can gulp it all down and hit the ground running.

If you have a friend who could use this information — do her a favor and share this link:  Attract the Guy You WANT!

See you there!