How to Overcome Writers Block

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Writer’s Block Case History: He Was Stopped at the Start

One morning last month my phone rang with the barking tone for a celebrity client. He’s been an acclaimed actor since puppyhood, but in the photo he’s incognito as a mild-mannered reporter, wearing eyeglasses and a necktie (hey, it works for Superman). I’ll call him “Charlie.” Charlie is writing his memoirs…but he hasn’t begun. He’s nervous about what to say first. His fame is in action-adventure blockbusters, so should he open with an account of real-life thrills? A joke? Early life with his littermates? As an author, screenwriter, stress management blogger, and also life coach, I knew what Charlie needed. No, not a squeaky toy–that would reinforce procrastination.

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A Gift for You to Up-level Your Perception to Happiness

A Gift for You to Up-level Your Perception to Happiness

Have you noticed that the stores are already showing holiday decor, wrapping paper, gifts and other items for December? Just because the retail world wants to begin their holiday sales as soon as they can, doesn’t mean that we need to jump right in and get stressed out about the holidays in October! Too many people see the signs of holidays and begin to load on the “shoulds” — such as “I SHOULD get a head start on my shopping!”  … “I SHOULD do greeting cards early this year — and write everyone a personal note!” … “I SHOULD start planning parties… get-togethers … gift lists … ”   … “I SHOULD do some crafts this year for sure, and that means I need to get hopping on those projects this weekend!” read more

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