Be-Happier Tip: turn up the volume!

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If you were watching TV and the sound was too low… what would you do? Would you sit there, straining to hear? Or would you grab the remote and turn up the volume?

I’m betting you’d turn it up!

But in our daily lives, we often live at a low “volume” level, accepting low energy or a ho-hum attitude as being “good enough.”

Do you want to remain stressed, unhappy, exhausted, drained and tired out by your life circumstances?

Or do you want to experience bliss, joy, happiness and abundance?

Hmmm. Quite a choice isn’t it? And the thing we often forget is that the results we get are completely determined by the choice we make.

So if you’re experiencing Life at a low volume level, grab your mental remote control and AMP THINGS UP! Don’t just sit there, feeling like a victim or that you don’t have money to do the things you want.

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to your happiness!

Evelyn Brooks

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