Be-Happier Tip: Take A Risk!

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Feeling stressed out? Burdened by worries after watching the news? Wondering if your life could possibly get any better, or if you’re on a downward trend that won’t end?  Well, hey – you better snap out of that kind of negative thinking because it’s aging you fast.  This video will help you perk up, and in the meantime, think about what you really want to be doing in life.  Really consider your dreams as the special signals or messages from your Inner Self. Too often, while growing up, well-meaning parents and teachers stomp out the dreams we all have and tell us to be more practical.  But you don’t have to stick to that agenda, even if it has been a life-long one!

I feel that each person on this planet owes it to himself or herself to be authentic!  If you don’t live YOUR life fully, then who will? Go ahead and answer the question, and enjoy the music. Take a chance on YOU this weekend and do something you truly enjoy that makes you feel good inside. Okay, so what are you going to do that involves taking some kind of risk (not necessarily a foolhardy physical risk, but perhaps risking being laughed at or told you are “too old” to do that)?

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