Be-Happier Tip: Stop Talking About Casey Anthony

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No matter what your opinion about this case is, it appears that everyone wants to talk about it!

The day judgment was passed in the Casey Anthony trial, I was in a hair salon with several other women. Then a customer walked in, and announced the news. AT ONCE, as if on command, most of the women stopped their happy congenial conversations and began talking in loud angry voices, outraged at the not-guilty verdict.

I imagine that even back in cave man days, if something bad happened, people sat around the fire grunting and gesticulating in anger.

But we are supposedly more spiritually evolved than that. And yet, with media focus and agitation, it’s clear that there is a higher level of anger in our society.

It’s as if someone has taught us that if we DON”T participate in all the hoopla and sound & fury, that means … we don’t care.

But caring about a child’s death and being angry that the “alleged” or “apparent” murderer is acquitted are really two very different things. Here are 5 reasons why you should simply drop it. Turn off the TV. Refuse to talk about it.  Don’t text or call people about it. Don’t read the articles and countless forums and Tweets about it.  DETACH YOURSELF FROM THE JUDGMENT.

  1. You can’t change it. No matter how much you talk about it or read about it or watch reruns and interviews about it.
  2. You are drawing that event into your own family circle and expanding its power to happen AGAIN to some other child
  3. While your focus is on the outrage, you cannot be loving to your own kids and family
  4. Talking about the situation with anger increases the level of anger and hatred in the world and puts your own vibration frequency at a very low level, so that all you will attract into your personal world is more of the same anger and violent results
  5. Your energy is being drained and you cannot achieve your own goals in life

Tomorrow I’ll discuss what you CAN do.

to your happiness and well-being,

Evelyn Brooks


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