Be-Happier Tip: Color Yourself Happy

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law of attractionFeeling depressed, sad or stressed out? Try wearing the color orange!

“People who wear orange are seen as cheerful, emotional, communicative, enthusiastic, and fun.”*

Take a look at the colors you choose to decorate with, and also what you wear. They can indicate how your mood is, but often the choices are old ones — and thus, they might not even suit you still!  You don’t have to rush out and spend a lot of money on new furniture or a whole new wardrobe.  Instead, you can make simple color shifts by bringing in accent colors in pillows and vases for your living areas, and with the use of a new shirt or two for your closet.

Color has long been known to influence our moods, and the colors we choose to wear also influence how we are perceived by others. For instance, a woman who always wears soft colors and pastels in a serious business meeting might not be seen as a heavy player and would be better off choosing more somber tones of gray, navy, black and white.  Save the pinks and pale aquas for leisure time!

With the change of seasons, many people realize that the rooms they’ve lived in all winter (or summer for those of you Down Under) don’t “feel” right anymore.  Taking the example of moving from winter to spring, why not put away the heavier textured pillows and throws on the couch and chairs, and replace them with a lightweight bright colored throw and a few white or bright pillows. Put out a vase with dried flowers or living ivy in it, and watch how your mood shifts to springtime when you sit in the room.

Have fun playing with colors and you may discover a simple way to boost your mood. As you surround yourself with colors and hues that are in harmony with positive energy, you will attract more good into your life.

to your happiness,

Evelyn Brooks

*Read more about colors at the source of this quote: Belief Net

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