You are different but not less than others

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I watched the movie “Temple Grandin” last night — it’s the true story of a young woman growing up autistic in the 1960s. At one point, her mother, who encouraged Temple to go to school and push past obstacles, told her that she was different but not less.

I was reminded of the old saying about feeling “less than” when you compare yourself to others, and that is the bane of most people with low self-esteem… that feeling of falling short of some lofty standard. Usually that standard is unreasonable and out of reach!

See what happens to your stress level if you stop comparing yourself unfavorably against celebrities, neighbors, coworkers, friends, etc.

A vital thing to learn is that you are wonderful, and you have talents and abilities that make you a unique person. If you are striving to achieve something measurable, then use your own life as the benchmark, rather than always comparing “you” against “them.”

The goal is to feel happy in your own skin. When you catch yourself comparing and feeling less than, stop yourself firmly, and give yourself a positive affirmation to stay on track. Many people find it helpful to simply say “I accept myself the way I am.”

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