Why You Aren't Getting Everything You Desire

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dreams   Do you have a goal list? Even if it’s not formally written down, most of us have dreams and desires for what we want to experience in life. You’ve probably heard about the Law of Attraction, and know that the basic concept is to ask for what you want and then allow it to manifest into your life.  But there are vital steps in between that we never learned as kids, and that make all the difference in the world between wishing & hoping… and actually GETTING!

Imagine that you are in a restaurant and you’ve placed your order with the server. You see him or her go into the kitchen to place the order, and you glance around, confident that soon you, too, will be eating a nice meal — just like the others in the room.  But as time passes, and you don’t get your food right away, you start to feel irritated. You call out to the server but they seem to ignore you.  Maybe you notice other people who have come in after you did — and they are already eating a big meal! It’s so totally unfair. Now you’re feeling angry, and discouraged. It’s depressing to see others enjoying what YOU want to have. You worry that your meal will never come. Maybe they’ve run out of food in the kitchen and you’ll never get to eat anything but the leftovers.

Now, if you really were in a restaurant, there are various steps you’d take to make sure you do get the meal you ordered, right? You’d go to the manager, or you’d take some action. You wouldn’t sit there fretting.

But how often in life do we wish for more financial abundance, a love relationship or success in our career, and when it doesn’t come to us immediately, we start worrying and getting upset?

Here’s another thing we didn’t learn about as kids, which we should have:  those upset feelings are actually like a big thick wall preventing our desired results from reaching us.

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to your success – and happy manifesting!