What’s your pet peeve?

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Officially, I should play an April Fool’s joke on you… but really, what’s the point? I don’t think you’re a fool!  All the people I know are far too smart and savvy to fall for dumb tricks. 🙂

But I’ll admit that I always fall for the old one about “Oh look! There’s a spider on your shoulder!” Yikes, I just have to look!

Quick question for you, in all seriousness — many times in life, it’s the small things that we allow to make or break our day.  As your happiness guru, I want to point out that you can let things glide past you and not destroy your peace of mind.

But in order to learn how to do this, you have to first practice awareness of the zingers.

That means you raise your radar and start noticing the things that bug you, so that you can deal with them instead of letting them silently erode your good mood.

Example, at the grocery store yesterday I was picking out a bag of long grain rice, and I wanted to compare the prices so I got the best deal. I guess I shoulda pulled out my calculator, because the store policy was quite clearly AGAINST comparison shopping.

Why do I say that? Because from package to package, brand to brand, the posted “price per unit” was not set up for comparing. On one 20-pound bag, the price was “per ounce,” on another it was “per pound” (quick, do the math when we aren’t on a metric system and must use 16 ounces to the pound) and on another brand it was “per box.”

This isn’t an unusual example. Take a look next time you’re in the grocery store, and see how the “per unit” shifts and changes like a chameleon so that it is impossible to use the information in front of you to make a real price decision.

What’s your pet peeve?

Tell me at http://askevelynbrooks.com and maybe yours will be one I talk about on my next monthly free teleseminar call!  You can also comment and share below.

And… Happy April First!



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Brittney Englin

April 1, 2010

How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 2 3 9


April 12, 2010

I like it! Happy April 1st to you and everybody else readying this blog.

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