What’s your m-m-m-m-m factor?

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There’s a sound that resonates deep in your soul when you really love  something:  m-m-m-m-m!

It might be something yummy to eat, or the sight of a pretty girl or a handsome guy, it might be luxuriating in a soft bed when you’re really tired at the end of a productive day.But all your happy cells explode at the same time and your soul says: “m-m-m-m-m!”

It can also be a special but very clear signal — a message from the Universe telling you that you’re on to a great new idea! M-m-m-m-m means “I like it!”

Use it as your guide when you are choosing the right path to follow each day.  Does your instinct actually gravitate toward the work that you spend the bulk of your hours on? If not, you are resisting your own life, and that leads to stress, depression and a bone-deep unhappiness which is hard to shake off. When you hate the work you do, that contempt stretches to include yourself… for doing it!

There are so many choices in life of how to spend your productive hours — choose wisely, follow your m-m-m-m-m factor and let your heart lead you the right way.

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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