What are your priorities?

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All too often, we simply add more and more to our “LIST” each day, and we load ourselves with so many tasks to be completed that even a donkey could not move forward with such a heavy load.

The result? Stress!  It’s just too much to expect that one human being can do it all, and get it all done. And yet many people feel they have fallen short when they reach the end of the day and there are still a lot of things on their “DO TODAY” list that they could not check off as completed.

Feeling guilty and inadequate after working hard all day is a paltry reward for doing your best. So instead, I invite you to start prioritizing your list!

Refuse to play the game of “let’s see how much work I can do before I collapse”!  A far healthier way to live is to realize that not every task or event has the same importance, no matter how many people are trying to convince you otherwise.

Understand that each person outside your life has their own priorities. And they might not completely dovetail with yours every single time. That means that something that’s vitally important to your spouse or best friend might not even interest you!  When you are in touch with your personal priorities, you will empower yourself to be supportive and kind to others so that they achieve their goals with your loving interest and with you on their side… but you won’t take on more activities out of guilt, trying to please them and afraid of saying no.

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your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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