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My book launch is tomorrow, 9/11 ! I hope you’ll share it with your friends. Starting at midnight tonight, I’ll count all book sales for the next 24 hours and donate 50% of my proceeds to the National 9/11 Museum.  Buy links will be here at my blog and also at http://gethappytoday.com

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 18:

Overcoming childhood abuse

If your parents or the people who cared for you when you were growing up did not do their job in a nurturing, healthful way, you probably didn’t learn much about “love” from their example.

But it’s never too late to overturn those bad memories and claim the love you need to thrive.

You can be happy now and have loving relationships of all kinds, no matter what your past experiences have been.

Take a look back at Chapter 17 because it’s all about “trust” and you probably never learned how to have a healthy trust for anyone, least of all your parents, or the older siblings or cousins you expected to protect you.

After all, we know our parents are supposed to love and cherish us. So when there isn’t that type of healthy emotional interaction, the child takes on all the blame and says to himself in so many words, “They don’t love me because I am unlovable!”

It is that simple and that deadly to the spirit.

The child assumes the responsibility of the abusive relationship, and that is plain wrong. If you have survived childhood abuse, you had a no-win situation back then.


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