Weekend Be-Happier Tip: Patience

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Sometimes you just have to wait.

In the photo, a surfer is waiting in the still water for a wave to come along.  Many times we have to wait for the results we want, or wait for other people to do what they promised. And when things don’t happen fast enough to suit our agenda, we get impatient.

This weekend, let go of time limits. Let go of the need to have things happen according to schedule. Simply “be” yourself and let time and events flow around and past you. Try it, and see how much lower your stress level becomes.

Let me know how it goes.

I’m being patient with the changes I’m making at this blog — my various “widgets” abruptly stopped working a few days ago. I reinstall and they disappear, again and again. Now it’s time to try something else, like reinstalling my special theme, which will take a lot of work, time… and patience.

Stay tuned.

your happiness guru,


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