Weekend Be-Happier Tip #15 Clean Out Your Mind Clutter

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This time of year, with a change of season, most of us end up with the chore of cleaning closets and drawers — put away the clothes you won’t be wearing for a while and bring out the things you boxed up before. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve just paid a lot to have sweaters, coats and woolens cleaned and now we’re ready to bring out the lightweight spring and summer clothes, even if it’s still a bit too chilly to wear them.

But what do we do to clean out the old ideas and mental clutter we’re still carrying around and wearing even though the ideas don’t fit anymore… they don’t allow us to stretch and grow… they’re stained and worn out.

This weekend, while you’re busy with chores, errands, hobbies and activities with friends and family, look for ways to interact with others in a healthier and more positive way.  Be willing to look at each person with a new pair of glasses, instead of pre-judging and thinking you know exactly what they are thinking and how they will react to something you say.

As I explain more fully in my stress management book, Amazon bestseller “Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today,” when we set limitations on each person in our lives, we cheat ourselves out of having a rich and satisfying relationship with them.  So if you edit each comment you make, thinking “Oh, I’d better not say that, he’ll be offended or she’ll get her feelings hurt” instead simply speak up in an honest and compassionate way.

Be truthful about yourself and clear away the old patterns of being dishonest (people pleasers are amazing liars — even though the supposed motive is to keep everyone happy it’s really to avoid confrontations or difficulties).

What do you need to do to clear away mental clutter that prevents you from being fully authentic in each relationship?

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