Which Came First?

Which Came First?

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Never mind chickens and eggs, which happens first, the condition we see? Or the thought about it?

While walking with my Golden retriever, Sugar Bear, this morning in Central Park, we encountered two beautiful Tibetan terriers. What a coincidence! I’ve just announced an amazing (no doubt crazy-seeming to many) project that we will — collectively, globally — restore the Dalai Lama to Tibet after nearly 60 years of living in exile in India, and all of a sudden I met not just one but two Tibetan dogs.

Did I abruptly feel an urge to turn down a different path than I’d planned, just in time to see the woman pass on a cross-path, because it was my lucky day? Seconds later, I would have missed seeing her. Or if I hadn’t followed my sudden hunch to turn left, I wouldn’t have met her.

Most of the time we hear that if you become interested in something, such as buying a blue car, you will start seeing blue cars everywhere you turn.

For many years, I’ve heard the explanation that those blue cars were there all along, but since you weren’t particularly interested in them, you simply did not notice.

However, I feel it goes much deeper than that, and is actually much more interesting than just “waking up” to see something that was there to begin with only you were tuning out the blue cars.

I think that your interest in blue cars — and mine in seeing certain breeds of dogs like Tibetan terriers, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Bernese Mountain Dogs (all of which are more on the “rare” side as far as breeds go in the USA) — opens you to manifesting your desire.

As you transmit your interest in blue cars, you get a hunch to turn left instead of right, you feel an urge to leave home a few moments earlier (or later), something will delay you such as a slow bus in front of you, and so on. In other words, it’s as if someone is magically orchestrating your timing so that you will end up in the right place at the right time to see your shiny blue cars (and for me to stop and greet beautiful dogs).

See what I mean? Look for this in your life. Notice how tiny shifts occur in order to bring you something to surprise and delight you. It’s all about manifesting a life that brings us joy.

And we all have the power to do it.

By the way, the photo is one of Sugar Bear I took recently in Central Park. Her color is called “English cream” and she is six years old. She’s as sweet as her name, and very gentle.


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Be-Happier Tip: Stop Frowning!

Have you ever heard the expressions “Let a smile be your umbrella” and “A smile is a frown turned upside down”?

Maybe you heard them too many times while growing up, and dismissed the good advice both sayings contain.  Research has told us that it’s healthier to be happy and have a positive outlook — so why are so many people walking around with a frown?

I believe that many times it is a reflection of what the person is “thinking” — or more likely, the worries they have allowed to rule their life! If you go through your day fretting inside that you don’t have time for all the tasks on your list, and thinking ahead and ahead even further into what you will say and do next with some other person in some other situation than where you are NOW… if you pass a mirror or reflective window, you might catch yourself frowning.

Wait — I bet I know what your excuse is.  Life is serious. You have to frown to show you are taking your life seriously and not frittering it away like some goofball slacker.  But the real test comes with how you FEEL.

When you frown… do you feel good inside? Or do you feel bad…stressed, hurried and overwhelmed?

When you smile, on the other hand, does your energy increase? Do you see life as a joyous adventure? Smiling teaches your mind that you are a person who wants to enjoy life — and that means you will begin attracting more people and events and results that are in harmony with your positive, cheerful outlook.

Try it — for one week, make a conscious effort to notice when you are frowning, and quickly switch your expression to a smile.  Look at that image of butterflies — doesn’t that make you smile?  Make a list of things you can think of quickly that make you smile.  Train yourself to be aware of beauty in nature and all around you — discover things that are pleasing that you might have overlooked.  At work and at home, put out pictures of people and pets you love, and let each photo remind you of happy times.

Along with your new smile, give yourself a pep talk:  I can do this!  I can handle my life just fine!  No need to worry, I can relax and get my work done efficiently. Let me know how it goes!

to your happiness,

Evelyn Brooks

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