Stress and self-sabotage

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If you look around yourself and take note of your own life as well as that of friends, you might notice a patter of self-sabotage. It’s everywhere!  What exactly is it, though? It’s fear, plain and simple.  When you have something in sight that you really want, and then your fear takes over the driver’s seat, you end up failing. And since all that happens at the subconscious or inner level of your thinking mind, you might not even recognize that you are the one who caused this failure. Oh, there may be several things that are obvious facts you can point to, that explain why you didn’t get what you set out to achieve.

But the reality is that if you have a pattern of self-sabotage, you lead a very stressful life. You have big dreams, yet you don’t bring them to fruition. Success and happiness might seem to always be just out of reach. The ensuing frustration and discontentment with your life robs you of your peace of mind. You can’t seem to enjoy life.

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