Send Light to All Areas of Your Life that Need Help

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We all know what it’s like to walk into a crowded room, whether it’s an informal get-together or a work conference, and have the instant sensation that there’s a good “vibe” going on. Of course we have the contrary experience many times, too, when we detect an energy of anger, sadness or upset of any kind.  What’s going on with that? Even people who have little interest in spiritual matters or personal growth will comment on the bad mood, whether anyone has spoken or not. We’re reading energy, that’s what is happening. Because all of us, and everything in the universe, is energy.  We are light beings. We vibrate. Everything vibrates.


And so, when there is something we detect in our lives that need a helping hand—perhaps you wish for more money, better health, a more satisfying job or relationship—what we really need to do is raise our vibrational level to match the level where those good things reside.


An easy trick to help us along is to simply imagine that we send “light” to the object of our attention. We can even pick a certain event that’s on the calendar and imagine beautiful light glowing all around that event date, lifting its energy.


In Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, Sanaya Roman explains, “You can change your future by imagining what you want to happen, and adding light to the picture. You can think of a future date —a day, month, or year —and send light to that time. Light will make everything you experience at that date better.”


Most people have learned to inadvertently send “darkness” to all our dreams, and all our planned events—we do this by immediately getting into worry mode, or fretting about what might happen that would prevent a favorable outcome. We populate our picnics with ants and thunderstorms.


Let’s start sending sunshine instead. Simply breathe in, imagine sparkling light swirling up and around you, and let it pour over your dreams and calendar like liquid gold.