Stop Being a Doormat NOW!

Stop Being a Doormat NOW!

Monday, February 19th, 2018
Memo To:   A People-Pleaser (Is that YOU?)

Calling all People-Pleasers! I’ve got great news for you:  You don’t have to sacrifice your own happiness anymore–for anyone!

  • Are you exhausted from trying to figure out how to “get” your partner to treat you better?
  • Do you have a history of being too-nice in every relationship?
  • Is your energy tied up in trying to please a tyrant’s incessant demands?

I know what it’s like to feel deeply confused and unhappy. Let me guide you toward change, so that you will easily:

ck mark greenCreate a SPACE in your life for a wonderful new healthy love to come to you


ck mark greenTransform your LONELY, DESPERATE and VULNERABLE “antenna mode” into HEALTHY LOVE ATTRACTION


ck mark greenSTOP being the easy target for a person who’ll neglect and ignore you once the “honeymoon” period wears off


ck mark greenQuit working AGAINST your own best interests — start working WITH the Law of Attraction to attract the loving, caring and respectful relationship you deserve.

The work starts on the inside with changing your mindset so you know that you DESERVE love… and that means you can FINALLY attract a loving, emotionally healthy, caring and fabulous person into your life — the kind of soulmate you’ve dreamed of being with but have never managed to hook up with. 

(By the way, I created a passionate home video on this topic, explaining more about the program–it’s a bit long and wobbly, so I’ve parked it at the bottom of the page. Be sure to watch it if you still have questions about the home course after reading the description here.]

Why haven’t you attracted true love, despite years of trying hard?

Because you’ve got a BROKEN PICKER! It’s like having a broken antenna. No matter how hard you try (again and again) you can’t get the signals right when someone is transmitting confusing messages. Because of your habitual Bad Picker, you only allow in the bits and pieces that you WANT to hear.

Is all this your fault?!? 

Well…not exactly. Our beliefs about how much happiness we deserve, and about how we interact with others were all established when we were children. If you grew up learning to manipulate Mom or Dad and be good so they wouldn’t get mad, you probably ended up becoming a people-pleaser.

Your mind was conditioned to sacrifice your own happiness and well-being in the vain effort of trying to avoid conflict and “get” other people to be happy.  It’s a hopeless task, because the same mind that pushes you to sacrifice yourself to please others also sends out signals that keep attracting love partners, friends and bosses who have short fuses.

I invite you to break free and embrace the happy and fulfilling life you want.

Sound impossible?

It’s not!

I know, because I did it myself after years of being trapped in an unhealthy way of looking at life through a “lens” of not being deserving of happiness and love.

It’s no wonder I found myself trapped in unhappy relationships.

Stop Being a Doormat Now

1. TAKE A CLEAR LOOK AT YOUR LIFE — I fully recall how desperate I was for REAL information from someone who’d been in my shoes and knew the way out. The advice I found was from people who had “studied” about people-pleasing behavior and had a lot of theories and clinical results–but they didn’t know the situation from the inside-out like I do! 

I tried for years to find the in-depth help I needed without taking months of time and thousands of dollars. I was told to “communicate” better. Or get out of the house more often and go shopping with girlfriends.  Or “just” tell him how I felt. Maybe that advice works in a different type of relationship, but all it did was leave me more frustrated and more stuck than ever.

When you’re dealing with terrorism in your own home, you must do something radically different than what works in other relationships! And I can teach you what to do, step-by-step as if guiding you by the hand.

You don’t have to do this alone! Here are the simple steps you’ll learn:

  • Understand how you got stuck being a human doormat.
  • Root out the thinking habits that hold you back from true happiness.
  • Disentangle yourself from a toxic relationship
  • Attracting the healthy person you deserve to be with.
  • Build a beautiful life for yourself .

2. GET OUT OF A CRAZYMAKING RELATIONSHIP — I can’t come and rescue you, but I can do the next best thing: teach you how to RESCUE YOURSELF! 

What if you’re in a relationship already, and you feel trapped because it’s what I call a “soured milk and cookies” relationship? It started out yummy and fabulous. Maybe he swept you off your feet and seemed to be Prince Charming. But then the mask came off… and Prince Harming was revealed.

The painful confusion started and has kept going: You experience his angry outbursts, his irrational mood swings, his taking and taking while you give and give… The delicious relationship turned rancid! You struggle with the dilemma of whether to go or stay… and you try to be an optimist. 

Let me review the only true options:

— Stay stuck in fear literally forever… OR

— Stop being a doormat. Claim your right to a joyful life!

Although it can sound scary to even think of leaving (or asking your mate to leave) understand that he’s counting on you to be afraid. He’s already tested you (lots of times) and knows that you will put up with anything he can dish out. He gets to blow up for no reason, stomp around and have temper tantrums. And you stay. He feels confident you don’t have the nerve to draw a line in the sand and say, “I quit.”

Are you ready to stop being somebody’s verbal punching bag? Stop acting like a helpless victim!

… Yeah, I know you hate that “V” word. Me, too. I used to cringe whenever I’d see the term “victim mentality” at a web site while I was searching (yet again) for answers. But I knew that “acting like a martyr” or “acting like a victim” did describe my behavior. 

And by the way, if you’re in a relationship you need to end, you don’t have to become a “bitch” to  get out the door. There’s a lot of middle ground between being a too-sweet people-pleaser and being an aggressive, unpleasant person. You can be happy, strong, and kind–and attract happy, giving people into your life. I teach you exactly what to do and say in “Stop Being a Doormat NOW!”

More good news: feeling powerless in the relationship is a behavior and thinking pattern that you CAN change! And I’ll show you how, step-by-step. 

3.  DEFINE AND THEN ATTRACT MR. OR MS. RIGHT-FOR-YOU — a HUGE part of the problem with people-pleasers is that we learned to quickly settle for anything that came our way and force ourselves to “make the best of a bad situation.” You resigned yourself to the fact that he isn’t what you hoped for. You keep swallowing your hurt feelings and putting a good face on things, pretending to be happy.

Does that sound familiar? If so, you are definitely in the right place! I can help you change this pattern, no matter how old you are or how long it’s been going on. Whether you’re back on the dating scene after a divorce, or you’ve been stuck in the revolving door of one bad relationship after another for more years than you’d like to admit.

I know what it’s like from the inside-out… and I know what it takes to change. That’s why I’ve created a unique program that helps you see what you are doing wrong so you don’t have to ever repeat those unwanted results again!

Stop Being a Doormat Now Program

Stop Being a Doormat NOW!” is my 10-hour downloadable coaching course designed to help you uncover your own long-buried desires for happiness — and learn exactly how to start thinking and behaving the RIGHT way. This program has the power to transform your results if:

–You are single and want to find a partner who will respect and love you (instead of attracting yet another knuckle-dragger or b-tch), OR if…

–You’re in a relationship (married, living together or dating seriously) — but you feel trapped with the wrong person and don’t know how to get yourself out of this crazymaking mess

–If you recognize your pattern of looking “out there” for approval and validation in ALL your relationships (work, spouse, family, neighbors, community) and you REALLY want to stand up and stop acting like a human doormat who says: “Yeah, sure, walk all over me–Don’t worry, I’ll keep smiling.”

Stop Being a Doormat Now

“Stop Being a Doormat NOW!”  includes the tools you need to:

  • Set healthy BOUNDARIES for yourself
  • Harness all that POWER and ENERGY you’ve been pouring into dead-end relationships
  • Find FREEDOM and JOY for yourself

15 lessons — 10 hours of intense coaching MP3 audios

 only $27 for 10 hours of coaching lessons PLUS bonuses!

(I’ll tell you about the bonuses in a moment.)

No fluff — the info is highly concentrated. I give you as much content as I could cram into the 10 hours of coaching lessons — this issue is serious and I respect your time. Study the course as a 14-week program… or dive in and then jump into action as fast as you can to do a total results reversal with your brand new HEALTHY PICKER!

And if you would like to learn more about being healthier and STAYING in the relationship you’ve already got–I show you a healthier way to do that, too.

You see, when one person changes, the other person must change, too, and you may discover that getting a good, strong, healthy sense of “self” under your belt is just what you need to revitalize a stale marriage that has become dysfunctional.

Start changing your relationship attitude tonight with this easy to implement step-by-step program.

Here’s what you’ll get:  Fully downloadable audio lessons and 50-page workbook. Bonus e-book and audio book (4 hours of listening time) to support you with my bestselling “Forget Your Troubles” SMART system. PLUS other bonuses to help support you in becoming the empowered, strong individual you were born to be. 

You’ll get instant access to the entire program so you can work at your own pace in privacy. Go through each lesson week by week — or gulp it all down in a few days and hit the ground running!

Stop Being a Doormat Now Program
 “Stop Being a Doormat NOW!” shows you how to:
  • UNCOVER what is holding you back so you know what needs changing
  • RELEASE fear and worry
  • CHANGE your love magnetism to hook the RIGHT kind of guy or gal who will love and support you as an equal
  • END your history of dating the WRONG ones, who leave you feeling flat and empty
  • DUMP your toxic relationship
  • SPEAK UP with my suggested SCRIPTS  for what to say
  • CREATE a powerful SELF-IMAGE that will draw Mr. or Ms. Right to you like a MAGNET!
  • CLAIM the wonderful experience of TRUE LOVE that you want and deserve!
 There’s no “magic” to this. All you need is the willingness to learn how to do things differently–and I’ll teach you that “HOW” so you can FINALLY have the loving relationship beyond your wildest dreams!

Isn’t your peace of mind and freedom truly Priceless? Of course it is!

Stop Being a Doormat NOW! Program



 $27 for the 14-week coaching program

DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE 14-WEEK HOME TRAINING PROGRAM for only $27! Move through the course in a few days or take your time with it — it’s all your choice, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can keep doing this alone. Please let me support you in this transition time by giving you the coaching structure that you need in order to make this BIG CHANGE in your RELATIONSHIP RESULTS!

(By the way, in case you are nervous that a certain “someone” in your life will realize you have reached out for help about the emotional abuse, the PayPal receipt will not mention the program name “Stop Being a Doormat NOW!” — it will say “PayPal–Be Healthy Be Rich” which could be any number of products or services unrelated to relationships.)


Stop Being a Doormat NOW! ” Coaching lessons10 hours of MP3 audio classes. Listen again and again to embed these powerful life-changing concepts in your mind and retrain your thinking patterns.

Stop Being a Doormat NOW! ” Workbook 50 pages PDF with weekly assignments and a special offer from your coach, Evelyn Brooks

The e-book edition of  the Amazon bestselling stress management bible “Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today”

“Forget Your Troubles” audio book — 13 MP3s (over 4 hours of MP3s)

When studying your self-paced course, read and/or listen to the “Forget Your Troubles” book chapter and then listen to the “Stop Being a Doormat NOW!” lesson for that week. Do your workbook exercises to get the best results from this coaching course.  “Stop Being a Doormat NOW!” will help you create a space in your life for a fabulous new relationship, and for other healthy changes to take place. 

But … remember the old adage, “Nature abhors a vacuum”? Make sure you don’t get rid of one bad relationship only to slip back into your old doormat ideas and old thinking patterns… and then attract the same kind of person all over again! 

To support you in your new mindset, I’m pleased to include valuable bonuses that will help you stay on track with the changes you want to manifest in your life to be healthier and happier.

  River Walk mp3Guilt, Blame & Shame Dissolver MP3

  “River Walk” 25-minute guided imagery journey will help you release worries and regrets. The Subliminal recording “Guilt, Blame & Shame Dissolver” is useful for the whole family!  This $97 value package is included in your purchase!

Instant Download Access — Even If It’s 2:00 In The Morning! 
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Start today and learn how to create a new life for yourself. 
Why wait any longer?

To your happiness,

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P.S. It’s totally RISK-FREE!  If you study the course and apply the lessons to your daily life for at least four weeks, and you are not satisfied with this program, send me an email and your purchase will be refunded.

Are you ready to release the fear and start enjoying your life? 

I’ve been in your shoes–and I’ll show you the way out of the abuse!


Stop Being a Doormat NOW! Program


 $27 for the 14-week coaching program




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