Nothing in excess

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Otherwise, I’ll stick to my usual topics of stress relief, how to have a happier life and better relationships.

The past two days I’ve talked about “Know thyself” from the ancient Greek temple at Delphi, a concept which has been said in many ways throughout history. Shakespeare gave Hamlet the words: “To thine own self be true.”

There was a second phrase written over the gateway to the ancient temple at Delphi:

“Nothing in excess.”

Another way of stating this is to say “everything in moderation.”  When it comes to living a life of abundance in all areas — as so many of us strive for — you might feel that a warning against excess is out of place, or old-fashioned.

Actually, the advice is something I feel we can all learn from.

  • Avoid getting so single-minded about a particular goal that you neglect other aspects of your life that are important
  • Excess in physical pleasures, including food and drink, distracts the soul from fulfilling your purpose in life
  • Practicing moderation helps you keep your life in balance so you can feel satisfied and happy

What ways can you see to use this very old advice “Nothing in excess”?

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