My guest blogger is Peggy McColl

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I’m betting that it’s the one “viral explosion” you’ll LOVE to get…

My friend Peggy McColl has a new book out. Now if you’ve been with me any length of time, you know how fussy I am about who and what I recommend to you. There’s an endless parade of people wanting me to promote THEIR products to MY friends, but I only pass along the cream of the crop.

Peggy McColl — in case you’re not already aware — is an amazingly successful coach and New York Times bestselling author. Perhaps you’ve read some of her amazing books like “21 Distinctions of Wealth” or “Your Destiny Switch,” or taken one of her very popular courses. (I’ve done all of that!) I knew she had been working on her SEVENTH book and I’ve been anxiously awaiting  its release. It’s today! And I’m pleased to have her as my guest blogger today so she can tell you about her latest book.

Hey there,

Whether your goal is to increase sales, build your brand and your business, or simply raise awareness of your favorite cause and spread a message of good will … I believe you can reach an extraordinary number of people in record time following the program I share with you in my latest book.

In “Viral Explosions,” I explain in simple step by step language, every one of the strategies I use to market my own products. These are the time-tested strategies I teach to thousands of clients and students around the globe.

When you order the book today, you’ll get a virtual gift basket of valuable goodies.

Learn more here:

To your success!

Peggy McColl

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