Inauguration Countdown Day 4 — Advance Confidently

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From this point on, the choice is ours: do we move forward, or do we collectively allow fear to mire us in the mud of inaction? It’s not enough to be “against” what Trump proposes and has already begun putting into effect. We progressives must be for what we want, and use our thought energy in a much more powerful way than we have up until now.


Decide now what you want. Make a list of the issues and principles that are most important to you. Write about the big dream you have for your life, that “thing” that will bring you satisfaction and a sense of a life well-lived. If you don’t have that dream yet, take time to reflect on what you enjoy doing the most. Our hobbies and interests always contain the seed of our greatness. The reason you are drawn to sports, for instance, could be that you have an inner dream of helping others be better athletes by coaching a local team as a volunteer, inventing a new improved fabric for athletic clothes or shoes, or creating a mobile app that allows fans to track their favorite teams.


In my ecourse called “Unstoppable Confidence” I share lessons on how to go deeper into developing healthy self-confidence so that you can achieve both short-term and long-term goals in your life.  Here is an excerpt from the course workbook:


Imagine you’ve reached the end of your life and – as a friendly spirit – you’re eavesdropping at your own memorial service. You nod with satisfaction as you hear the recounting of all the good you did during your journey on Earth. There’s even some good-natured ribbing over mistakes you made in a well-meaning way while learning and growing. You laugh along with the listeners as the person at the podium recounts a few anecdotes that really bring your life into full flavor.


ASSIGNMENT: Write your own eulogy NOW!




This tool is valuable for identifying the major achievements you most desire to accomplish in your lifetime.  It points out the holes where you need to pay more attention to what is important to you, and underscores the values that you hold dear.


Instead of rushing through this with a few quick comments about what a nice person you were and how much you’ll be missed, take time to do this exercise with care. You will find it helpful to use as a visionary document that can be a “map” to guide your action steps from now on.


And, of course, you can keep revising it as the years pass and you accomplish more and more of your big dreams for expressing yourself fully in the world with all of your gifts to humanity such as kindness and caring.


Earl Nightingale is known as the “Dean of Personal Development” because he was not only a popular radio personality, author and speaker on the topics of human character development, he was the first to create home study courses that were recordings. Prior to that time, you could get written course material mailed to you, but no one had thought of preparing and mailing a vinyl record so that students of the course could feel they were in the room with their teacher, and listen to the lesson again and again, thus retraining their thought habits and inculcating the lesson material. He was co-founder of the world-renowned Nightingale Conant personal development company. Nightingale defined success this way: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal.”


Notice the two key words: “progressive” and “worthy.”  So let’s put aside any comments that might come to mind about Donald Trump’s seeming financial success which he created with the perverted tactics of an old-style robber baron, and instead focus on how we can progressively move forward with plans that are worthy of fruition and bring value for the greater good of all.


Dr. Joseph Murphy reminds us, “Decide now to make your life grander, greater, richer, and nobler than ever before. Within your subconscious depths lie infinite wisdom, infinite power, and infinite supply of all that is necessary, which is waiting for development and expression. Begin now to recognize these potentialities of your deeper mind, and they will take form in the world without.”


It is only when we really focus on constructive goals that we can be part of the magic of manifesting true progress in our society.  The powers of the mind are neutral and therefore can obviously be used to bring about recession, unemployment, and other ills.  So let’s keep our attention on creating more good in the world, both for ourselves and our families and for society as a whole. 


Murphy goes on to say, “In order to change external conditions, you must change the cause. Most men try to change conditions and circumstances by working with conditions and circumstances. To remove discord, confusion, lack, and limitation, you must remove the cause, and the cause is the way you are using your conscious mind. In other words, the way you are thinking and picturing in your mind. You are living in a fathomless sea of infinite riches. Your subconscious is very sensitive to your thoughts. Your thoughts form the mold or matrix through which the infinite intelligence, wisdom, vital forces, and energies of your subconscious flow.”


Donald Trump and his camp followers manipulated the world with fear and hatred just the way a war general stirs up the populace in favor of aggressive action and restrictions of those who are “different.” Trump targets the female majority of this country with threats of punitive restrictions of access to affordable care and reproductive health screenings. He successfully agitated so much fear in the hearts of listeners that people who were against his plans inadvertently poured the energy of fear into his campaign as if their emotions were attached to a funnel empowering him.


That’s not science fiction, it is science fact. Our thoughts are all connected. We are not Borgs, however; we all have our independent minds. But when we are accustomed to making choices based on reactive emotions, without understanding the power of our thoughts, we create results collectively that we would never wish for if we knew what we were doing.


Think again about your own life, and the direction you are going. Are you advancing, or are you sliding backwards, or are you at a full stop? Are you following your big dream, or just following the money from paycheck to paycheck?


We are all deserving of prosperity in every area of our lives. Wealth isn’t a problem by itself, it’s what people do with the money once they have it, and how they get it in the first place. 


If you bring the world a better product or something that is of service and makes money, that’s terrific! Becoming successful with a worthy ideal will bring you satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment along with the abundance and financial freedom.


Just following the money without consideration for your core values and what you are aligning your soul with, may bring you material goods and all that money can buy, but without that satisfaction of living your dream, that type of financial success will not bring you happiness.


Do you want to remain safely on the sidelines and be a bystander for the next four years? Or do you want to take action on behalf of the issues that are most important to you?


It doesn’t mean having to go march on the White House or picket Congress. It doesn’t mean donating money, although of course you are welcome to donate to your favorite organizations such as those supporting environmental protection, feeding the hungry, educating the overlooked.


Did you know that our embarrassingly high illiteracy rate hasn’t improved in many years? 32 million adult Americans cannot read. The last thing this country needs is making education even harder for people to access. But Trump doesn’t care about that—it’s a line budget item he intends to sacrifice to make way for other things such as tax cuts for the super-wealthy.


You can continue to tell yourself things like: I feel so tired all the time, I’m really stressed out, this project (family, house, job, economy) is going to be the death of me!




Start a new trend in your life with self-chat that is far more empowering and delightful such as, I really feel energized by this new project, I feel relaxed and happy, I know that everything is working out for me and I’m right where I planned all along.

Begin today. Choose the commands you give to your subconscious mind, which is the driver on the road of your life.  


Affirm:  Every day in every way, I advance with confidence in my heart, to help create more good in the world.

I’ll get into all of this in greater detail in my new book America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters—coming on Inauguration Day. 

America's New Breed of Freedom Fighters book cover

Are you in? Okay, then put aside the panic, breathe mindfully, and realize this is an incredible opportunity for all of us to “fight” for the freedom and justice we desire.  More to come in the rest of this blog countdown to Inauguration 2017, and in my new book which will be released that day:  America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters: With Liberty and Justice for All

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