Inauguration Countdown Day 30 — Don’t Be a Wuss

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When I got the idea on 11/9/16 for my new book “America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters,” [available now on Amazon for pre-order at] I  quailed. As much as I knew I was qualified to write it, and that I could and should write it, I also wanted to push the idea away and hope that someone else was next on the getting-ideas-from-the-cloud database in the universe that all authors and creative people tap into.

But I rallied at once, because I knew that I had a powerful message to share and I wanted to get it out there in a book for all to read. I knew that I needed to have enough courage to step up and help people not only relieve their stress and grief over the election results, but to come together in peace and pick up where we left off with our progressive agenda of creating liberty and justice for all people, not just a self-anointed minority.

America's New Breed of Freedom Fighters book coverThen, on 12/20/16 when I reflected on the fact that the Inauguration ceremony was exactly one month away, I got the idea for this 31-Day Blog Countdown to Trump’s Inauguration. My vision for it was that it would be 31 positive and inspiring posts, all about using the law of attraction and tapping into our incredible power to create a better reality for America and the rest of the world, no matter what destruction Trump and his cronies have planned.

Okay, to be honest, when I got the blog countdown idea, my stomach fell. Seriously, I felt gut-punched by the idea. Not only is a blog-a-day a big commitment in itself, I’m still writing the book! Inside, I knew that was just an excuse, because I’m a writer. It’s what I do. A deadline or big task doesn’t really scare me. The truth beneath my moment of fear was a scared little voice saying, “No way am I going to make myself a total target for radical right agitators and all their hatred!”

You see, I have a lifelong habit of being a people-pleaser in every situation, and at worst a decades-long history of being a total doormat in toxic relationships with men.

Deliberately stepping up and saying, “Here I am, this is what I stand for, this is what I believe—and now, go ahead and leave a comment below” filled me with momentary dread.

Again, I kind of hoped someone else would grab the blog countdown idea and run with it.

But, yet again, I realized that if the idea came to me it meant that Source (Divine Mind, Spirit, God) was confident I could handle any push-back. My father was a Colonel in the U.S. Army, and I wasn’t raised to back down to the enemy.

Besides that, with my knowledge of the laws of the mind, I understand we never get ideas without the tools to make them come into fruition. 

So here’s my advice to you, the same thing I said to myself in the mirror a few minutes ago: “Don’t be a wuss. Speak up for what you believe in. Get involved in the issues that are important to you. Let your voice be heard. Make your life count.”

If we all cower in the face of Trump’s brand of terrorism, then his hate-based agenda will truly win. Let’s not let that happen. Together we can prove that love always trumps hate.