Inauguration Countdown Day 3 — Be a Freedom Fighter

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During World War II, “fifth columnists” were people the Nazis could count on to help Hitler’s gaping maw gulp down yet another village, city, or country. Fifth columnists lived and worked in those towns, usually having been born and raised there. These collaborators secretly worked with the enemy from within the targeted region. The first “four columns” meant the advancing formation of soldiers in four military columns, grimly marching in lock step. So, if you were known as a fifth columnist, it meant you were a traitor to your own country, and you aided and abetted the enemy either for monetary gain, power and favors (such as getting more food and fuel than the average villager), and sometimes because you also believed in the values the enemy proposed.


A collaborator can be seen as someone who is more interested in what they can gain than in what they can do to help their fellow citizens in times of great need. They look for the easy way out, the door to riches and power over others, and they turn their backs on social issues that help their country. 


Is any of this beginning to feel familiar about what we face today? As they say, history repeats itself, but the only reason it does is because we continue thinking the same outworn thoughts about struggle and lack and limitation, and we have failed until now to systematically access the power of the subconscious mind to create the results we want.


If we align our thinking with Trump’s hate agenda and get on that low level vibration with him and his cronies, we inadvertently become fifth columnists, helping to undermine and destroy the very freedoms we wish to defend and protect.


During the American Revolutionary War that resulted in the colonists’ breaking away from the rule of King George III of England (and yet eventually becoming Allies and at times BFFs), the colonists who remained loyal to the King were called Tories or Loyalists or Whigs. As a whole, the colonists and American’s eastern shore had considered themselves “Englishmen,” but a big thorn in their side was the lack of representation in Parliament that all Englishmen (meaning white adult males) expected as a God-given right. Trouble kept brewing and boiled over into a battle cry. Further attempts to create harmonious relationships with the implacable King were abandoned in favor of revolution.


It was totally illegal to align yourself with the freedom fighters of 1775-6. Totally. I mean, like, you could be shot for this, because basically the colonies were owned by Great Britain and the King did not look kindly upon an uprising across the pond. I’ll let you discover the details of our fight for independence on your own. I just wanted to be sure to point out that being on General Washington’s side was not your immediate ticket to an easy life of sitting by the fire and toasting a scone while sipping tea from a dainty cup. 


It was scary, it was dangerous, it required a firm belief in the high stakes of freedom.  And meanwhile, back at the ranch, you had to be careful around your neighbors and villagers who remained loyal to the King.


I have been a bookworm all my life.  Before the advent of ebooks, you could always find me near a stack of books bristling with notes, and I still enjoy having several books in progress at any given time. To me, books are comfort food and my first refuge.


When I was growing up, we went to the library on a regular basis and I always came home with an armful of mysteries and historical fiction to dive into. One of my favorite book series was for middle-grade girls involved a heroine who was a Patriot girl about age ten or twelve, and who had a dangerous mission to perform in total secrecy, such as smuggling a crucial message to General Washington. I adored those adventures! At the time, I didn’t even know that I was actually a Daughter of the American Revolution, although not a member. One of my sisters discovered that fact years later when doing a genealogy search about our family history.


Perhaps an angel perched on my shoulder those years ago while I was thrilling to the tale of Patriots, and whispered in my ear: “One day, when you are grown up, you will write a book to help a new kind of freedom fighter in America.”


So let’s see exactly what’s different about being a freedom fighter today compared to being on in World War II or any other great conflict where the stakes were high. We have it easier now, because from the safety of our homes, we can reach the entire world. We don’t have to print pamphlets in a hidden room and risk our lives to distribute them. We just tweet and our message is instantly heard around the world.


Mr. Trump used social media to lambast the globe with hatred and lies and promises of his idea of “greatness.”


Now let’s turn around that mis-use of a wonderful tool and instead of hammering people over the head with hatred, use the “hammer” of justice to promote progress in all areas of our society not just for a favored few. 


How can you become one of America’s “new breed” of freedom fighters? Instead of printing a few dozen leaflets in a back room and furtively passing them around, we have the incredible power of instant communication around the world via social media. Let’s use technology in a positive way to share messages of hope and liberation, of freedom and justice.


The new resistance fighter doesn’t needs weapons, doesn’t need to skulk in the shadows. The new activist is someone who sees something going wrong and is willing to help. I think there’s confusion surrounding the idea of peaceful action, or of nonviolent demonstrations. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It doesn’t mean sitting calmly and letting someone be abusive to you. It does, however, mean learning about the laws of the mind and thus understanding how to activate a sense of indifference toward the rants of people like Donald Trump and his cronies. When we are indifferent to a negative force, it will cease to exist. Our attention to it, our desire to push it away, those feelings and actions just make the negative grow stronger. 


What exactly is a new kind of resistance fighter? Using the law of attraction to neutralize Trump’s plans for America, together we can achieve constructive progress instead of being the victim of expensive plans that favor the wealthy and that promote an agenda of hatred for anyone Trump disfavors.


There are so many things you can do to support progress as you go about your daily life. Although it would be wonderful if you felt called to support your favorite issues and get actively involved in supporting those causes, you don’t have to leave your house to help.


Join us in the frequency wavelength of love and expansion that circles our globe. It’s invisible, but it’s there, and all of us can access it by simply inviting in feelings of peace, light, and calmness.


When thoughts pop up that make you feel agitated or fearful, dismiss them as you would a mosquito or gnat. You don’t have to get out a cannon and angrily rant at a gnat, now do you? Of course not.


But when someone like Donald Trump strikes fear into the hearts of so many millions of people around the world, it can feel like only something “big” could possibly combat his agenda of hatred.


Not true. Love trumps hate, and you can start with love in your daily life. By doing so, by adding to the energy of love in the world, you help neutralize the negativity of Trump’s proposed agenda. He cannot win, he cannot dominate, he cannot appoint himself emperor unless we stand back and allow it by energetically aligning with the fear that rules his behavior.


When a classic narcissist such as Donald Trump gets in power, it can be terrifying indeed to listen to the rants, to watch the enraged facial expressions, to hear that fury in his voice.


Pause and put aside your anxiety–listen for the two-year-old in Trump. You’ll hear him, having a tantrum. And you will find it much easier to look away, and to stop inadvertently empowering him by being afraid and letting him call the shots.


It’s odd, but we progressives must essentially act like the loving parent to Donald Trump and set firm limits so he doesn’t destroy all of us with his out-of-control demands for walls, for deportation, for eliminating women’s affordable access to cancer screening and reproductive health care, and so many other issues he intends to stomp beneath his boots.


Perhaps his voters had already decided they would vote Republican no matter who the candidate was, even if they felt distaste when he revealed his opinion that it’s okay to grope women, it’s okay to make racist slurs and it’s okay to deport people based on their religion. They voted for him anyway, even when he bragged he doesn’t have to pay income tax, and even when he refused to make his tax returns public. They had a belief inside that a Republican would be better than a Democrat, and that belief punched the voter ballot.


Some Republicans, of course, voted for Trump because they are racist, they hate women, they don’t want anyone of color to have advantages, they want wealth for themselves and find glee in sticking it to the middle class in as many ways as possible. Their mentality is me-first and ignore the rest of the country.


Other Republicans were unable or unwilling to look past the paid ads and sound bites that glorified Trump as some sort of business wizard who would help the economy. They didn’t look past the glitter and bombast to the man beneath the self-wrought tinsel crown. 


Trump enjoys taking hostages. Our trained beliefs—installed by parents, teachers, society we live in – dictate our behavior. If you’re tired of being held hostage by Trump’s constricting definition of who you are and what you are capable of achieving, then activating an understanding of the laws of thought will free you.  


Pause for a moment when you feel frustrated about Trump’s supporters and their inexplicable desire for things to revert to what they consider the “good old days.” Think about when you were in high school and played with a small child or sibling. Perhaps you did some babysitting for the neighbors. From your higher perspective about life and relationships and the subjects you were studying at school, you weren’t at the same level as the little children. It didn’t mean you took a superior stance or tried to shame or scold them for their lack of awareness of geometry while they were struggling to handle multiplication. 


In a similar vein, it can be liberating to realize that everyone alive at this time is helping humanity move forward.  We are ever evolving upward. We are never going backwards even if it sometimes might seem that way.


The people who cling the hardest to old ways actually give motivation and impetus to those of us who are on the leading edge of change. We are the “tip of the arrow” thinkers as some people put it. We are the ones willing to keep pushing for progress.


And we can’t back down. Trump will be in office for 1,461 days. Let’s state our intention now that we will use these four years wisely to gain a firmer stronghold in grassroots community efforts for progress, that we will help get out the vote not just for the presidential election in 2020 but for local and state elections, too.


Together we can and will continue to make a positive difference for our country and our allies.

I’ll get into all of this in greater detail in my new book America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters—coming on Inauguration Day. 

America's New Breed of Freedom Fighters book cover

Are you in? Okay, then put aside the panic, breathe mindfully, and realize this is an incredible opportunity for all of us to “fight” for the freedom and justice we desire.  More to come in the rest of this blog countdown to Inauguration 2017, and in my new book which will be released that day:  America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters: With Liberty and Justice for All

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