Inauguration Countdown Day 28–What Do You Really Want?

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Decide what you really want and understand you have the POWER to create it–let’s join together and build progressive change in America!


The topic of this blog is “What do you really want?” –and I know the immediate tendency is to say or think: I want this to not have happened, I want Hillary to have been elected, I want to turn back the clock and get a different result.


It’s natural for us to go through a transitional time of accepting a disaster that we cannot totally change. When people survive a natural disaster such as wildfire, hurricane, tornado, or flood, they have probably also experienced the devastation of financial and property loss, as well as changes in the physical and emotional wellbeing of family and friends. We don’t expect them to pop up the next morning and say, “Oh well, I’ll just carry on—chin up and muddle through!” We know they need to get past the shock, and come up with a plan of action for recovery.


We are faced with a similar choice post-election: do we cave in, huddle together and grow in bitterness as we watch for what Mr. Trump will do next? … OR, Do we realize that we’re not beaten unless we give up? We’re not his victims. We’re not hostages to his anger and hate-based ideas unless we come into agreement with those low-frequency emotions and begin hating him and the voters responsible for his election.


Hatred means we’ll always be the losers—it brings us down to his level. We’re better than that. We don’t look at the world and see what we can grab for ourselves and our cronies. We look at the world and say: How can I help? How can I lend a hand? How can I be of service?


We are free citizens of the United States of America and we have more rights than most countries endow their populace with. We have free speech, we have free enterprise, we have capitalism which of course is not perfect and has its flaws, but gives us opportunities to make our own way in life and produce an income for ourselves.


So…what do you really want? More peace and love in the world? Me, too. Let’s get started by continuing with our progressive ideals and re-commit ourselves to our agenda to secure liberty and justice for all, even in the face of Trump’s threats to destroy all we hold dear.

America's New Breed of Freedom Fighters book cover

Are you in? Okay, then put aside the panic, breathe mindfully, and realize this is an incredible opportunity for all of us to “fight” for the freedom and justice we desire.  More to come in the rest of this blog countdown to Inauguration 2017, and in my new book which will be released that day:  America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters: With Liberty and Justice for All

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