Inauguration Countdown Day 14 — Law of Attraction in Action

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How did Trump win? This question has already been discussed in many circles, and no doubt will continue to be rehashed in the coming years and by future historians long past this century’s end. I would like to offer a different perspective about this. Donald Trump won the 2016 election because the law of attraction was working in his favor.




The same thing happened with George W. Bush. Twice.  That is one of the reasons behind my new book America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters and the sole reason for this 31-day blog countdown to the inauguration. I want to do everything I possibly can to ensure that Trump is a one-term-only president.


Very seriously.


We can ill afford him for four years, but re-election in 2020 is a possibility if we don’t take strong steps now to offset that eventuality.


I’m not talking about campaign issues and getting the voters out. All of that is of huge importance. But where we need to shift our awareness is in being much more in congruence with what we want (not AGAINST a candidate and his agenda, but FOR what we do want), and then deliberately use the laws of the mind to bring it forth into manifestation.


In other words, we progressives need to master the law of attraction, and there’s no time to waste. We think in pictures, and we react with our emotions, and the picture of Trump in office got stronger and stronger and more awful and terrifying and… we who wanted Hillary to win inadvertently poured our powerful manifestation energy into Trump’s campaign as surely as if we gave him our money and lifeblood.


“The inner movie that you have seen

with your mind’s eye

shall be made manifest openly.”

— Dr. Joseph Murphy


The accountants have finished the final tally of votes and we now see that 65,844,610 Americans voted against Trump – a better way would be to say we voted FOR Hillary.  However, we are so well trained as a society to think in terms of “battle” and “war” and “defeat” that many people are now repeating the summation as being votes against Trump.




We’re all living with unique paradigms that run our lives. The part of our mindset that deals with everyday preferences of ketchup over mustard, sweet pickles versus sour, driving a silver car or a white one, wearing lace-up sneakers or the kind with Velcro fasteners—all those are minor and hardly earth-shaking in nature.


But the assumptions that underlie our beliefs in politics created the result we are faced with today: a misogynist and racist entering the White House on January 20, 2017.


I don’t believe all Republicans are “evil” and that they must have agreed with all of Trump’s platform. I imagine that many of the people who voted for Trump were simply operating under the hypnotic influence of their decision to be Republican, probably because all their relatives and neighbors have been Republican since way back in the day when it meant a smaller government.


Today’s Republican platform is hardly recognizable from that of years gone by. When we have our mind pre-set to vote a certain platform, we reject ideas and information that try to penetrate the barrier.


This is an important skill in many ways, so that we can filter out extraneous information. But in the 2016 election, it meant that all the information flooding the airways and Tweet-ways about Donald Trumps’ corruption did not even enter the air space of the “red states.” If they got wind of something that caused a frown of concern, they no doubt instantly dismissed it:  This does not compute, it is not in congruence with what I want to believe, so it is not real.


While some Trump supporters chanted and screamed “Build the wall,” other supporters might not have even heard about the plan, or if they did would say, “Well I guess that’s a good idea, we need safe borders,” and never consider the cost and who would pay for it, let alone the ramifications of walling America off from one of our allies and important part of our culture. Others might have reassured themselves that it would never happen and there are always some extremists when people get hot under the collar in election campaigns.


Many millions of Republican voters really liked Trump’s promise to make America great again, whatever that means. To progressives, his plans mean making America a hell-hole. To rural white Christians it turns out to mean a magical fairyland where there aren’t black people in power and anybody who doesn’t go to your church can be run out of town by the local cops.


When we look at this election and try to understand how people could rationally choose a man with Trump’s lack of experience and his hair-trigger temper and his extreme narcissism, it seems like we’ve entered “The Twilight Zone” because it is illogical.  That’s the thing about humans: we run by our emotions, and our emotions are driven by the hidden beliefs deep in our subconscious. If you hate women and think life was better when they were barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, would you even consider the qualifications of Hillary Clinton? Of course not; it would not compute with the program running your life.


Where we went wrong is in sliding into reactive mode. Without being aware of how dangerous it was, Hillary’s team began sending out emails with frightening subject lines about Trump outspending, about being scared, about needing to donate more money fast, about “we could lose this” – all of those statements are affirmations. They are requests to the universal law of attraction to bring back to us the matching experiences. So we got more scared, his spending skyrocketed, and we did lose it.


We are in a very important transitional time in human history, and you and I are here to help, so that this will be the last time a man like Trump ever gets elected in a free country. Last. Time. Ever.


But to do this, we need to start honing our skills in using the law of attraction in our own lives. When we learn to access the power of our thoughts, we truly think into the desired results instead of getting a haphazard mish-mash of sorta good and not so great.


My book is crammed and jammed with information on working with the law of attraction so that we can indeed neutralize Trump’s agenda of hate, and instead manifest progress with liberty and justice for all.


I’ll get into all of this in greater detail in my new book America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters—coming on Inauguration Day. 

America's New Breed of Freedom Fighters book cover

Are you in? Okay, then put aside the panic, breathe mindfully, and realize this is an incredible opportunity for all of us to “fight” for the freedom and justice we desire.  More to come in the rest of this blog countdown to Inauguration 2017, and in my new book which will be released that day:  America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters: With Liberty and Justice for All

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