Finally! The Relationship of Your Dreams

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I’m pleased to introduce  my special guest blogger today —

Rebecca Hanson from the Global Law of Attraction Training Center™

Finally! The Relationship(s) of Your Dreams
This single most common misperception is something that even experienced Law of Attraction specialists are unaware of. Once you understand how this misperception destroys any chance you have at attracting long lasting, highly satisfying relationships, you’ll never be caught in that trap again!

Since it is easier to show you than to tell you about this, please take a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns.

Label the columns like this:

Column 1: People I Love & Enjoy

Column 2: People I Feel Neutral About

Column 3: People I Dislike or Avoid

Do that now….

Next, ask your self a series of questions:

1. Didn’t some of the people in Column 3 once reside in Column 1?

2. Didn’t some of the people in Column 1 formerly reside in Column 2?

3. Or maybe they were once in Column 3….

4. How do I decide who is in Column 1 and what moves them into Column 3?

Becoming aware of how we select our friends/lovers, enemies and otherwise, is the first step in understanding the misperception.

The Misperception Occurs

There’s nothing wrong with creating a strong Desire Statement about what we want in all our relationships–and it is a big step forward from complaining about what we don’t like.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with keeping our focus on all the positive attributes we are looking for in that partner.

There’s nothing wrong with deciding that someone does not have enough positive traits, to moving on to meet the next person.

But, when we find some one who does line up with most of the desirable traits–we exaggerate them to the point of obscuring all their faults and disadvantages. We allow our “feel-good-feelings” to soar! Over and over we tell our selves and others: “This THE ONE!”

Then, after some time, we begin to notice unattractive characteristics. We make something minor into a big defect, ignoring all the good qualities. We start noticing these irritants more and more. Eventually we ask ourselves, “How did I get into this situation…AGAIN?” Pretty soon, that person is moved into Column 3 as a person we want to avoid. If this person was our spouse or mate, we get a divorce and enter into battle for property or custody and eventually that person becomes a person we despise or hate!

Here’s the Fatal Flaw: We exaggerated their positive character traits and we exaggerated their negative characteristics. We made them All Good and Wonderful or Completely Bad and Wretched!

Every time there is an exaggeration of
good or bad qualities, there is a misperception of facts;
a ‘twisting of the lens of perception.’

If you want to have discernment–to have the ability to perceive an actual situation–you must make a strong decision to quit submitting to exaggeration.

Exaggeration is our Human Default Mode. It’s what we were born with. As long as we don’t recognize this particular trait, we are bound to keep repeating relationships that follow a pattern of disappointment.

How Exaggeration Affects Our Ability to Attract

Most teachings about the Law of Attraction encourage us to keep our focus ONLY on what we want. That’s great when you are a novice and it is certainly an improvement over focusing on what we don’t want.

But, running under the surface are negative feelings, emotions, vibrations which continue to emit low frequency vibrations which counteract and nullify our positive vibrations.

Let’s look at our three column lists. Circle one name in Column 3 that stands out to you. What emotion does this person evoke when you think about them? Write it down.

Next, bring forward a copy of the Comprehensive Emotional Scale. (Note from Evelyn: It’s a Word .doc that will open when you click the link)

Find that emotion and write the line number next to that person’s name.

If this emotion resides below Line Seven, then it is a negative, hurtful, destructive emotion and it IS going to negate some of your wonderful positive desires!

Look at Column 1: is there someone on this list whom you have exaggerated and embellished their good traits?  If so, you are feeling good about an imaginary person–not the real person who is certain to be a blend of positive and negative traits–not all one way.

Feel-good-feelings based on an illusion are not above Line 8 (the line of demarcation between constructive and destructive emotions.) They carry the seeds for “disappointment”–Line 13 on our Comprehensive Emotional Scale.

The bottom line is this:

If you want to be able to attract healthy, long-lasting,
satisfying relationships, you must make a
deliberate, strong, firm decision
to quit submitting to exaggerations.

What About Column 3?

In order to break the cycle of recurring negative relationships, you must find a way to neutralize everyone in Column 3: “People I Dislike or Avoid.” Unforgiveness, anger, hatred or avoidance for even one person can contaminate your vibration and ruin your chance at a good healthy relationship.

Here are some steps we encourage you to consider:

1. Self-Awareness and acknowledgement: “As a Human, my default setting is exaggeration.”

2. Make a DELIBERATE, FIRM, STRONG decision, “I am now aware of this tendency and make a firm decision to stop my mind before it goes that far again.”

3. Set your intention: “My intention is to clean up my energy and have my vibration completely free of contaminating negative emotions.”

4. Ask your Higher Power, Source or God for help. The same energy that created the illusion cannot dissolve it. We need a higher more powerful energy to help us.

5. Get serious about applying the Law of Attraction in EVERY area of your life and at deeper and deeper levels–that’s why we created our Certified Law of Attraction Practitioners’ Program. The effectiveness of this Program is nothing short of a miracle. Over and over, we receive letters of thanks and appreciation from our Practitioners–they had NO IDEA how deeply the Practitioners’ Program would change them!

Learn more about Rebecca and the Certified Law of Attraction Practitioners’ Programclick here

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article from Rebecca Hanson, and gained new insight into your relationships!

your happiness guru,


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