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Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 8 ( CHILL, BABY– Learn to Relax, No Matter How Crazy Everybody Else Is) of my stress management book “Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today“:

? The power of subliminal messages
Support your new stress-free outlook with positive messages that are delivered to your
subconscious while you listen to music or nature sounds. I have been using Eldon Taylor’s
subliminal tapes for many years, and I know they make a positive difference in my outlook.
Imagine having a friend or coach whisper encouraging messages in your ear as you go
about your work or sleep. Reputable companies will let you know what messages are on
the soundtrack, so you can be sure they are all positive and good.
If you haven’t tried anything like this before, don’t let initial reluctance hold you back
from finding solutions that can help turn your thinking around and give you an extra boost
of confidence.

The reason I’m pointing out this particular section of my book is that my friend Eldon Taylor has a special offer for you  — a free video presentation
available for a limited period of time. Sign up here: http://tiny.cc/EvelynBrooks

Dr. Taylor is a brilliant Hay House author who teaches how your mind works and how to use that knowledge to achieve any goal. He’s got books and dozens (if not hundreds) of amazing CD’s to help you achieve any goal you can think of. I have personally used his products for over 15 years and I highly recommend that you take time to check out his seminar video while it’s available.

your happiness guru,

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