Educate yourself about stress

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This morning’s Los Angeles Times features a lot of articles about education, from worry about test scores to promising new agendas for improving our educational system.  It’s back-to-school for area students, and so the focus – at least for now – is on our system of education.

It’s great to see the attention paid to it. The problems are bigger than a few articles can “fix” but unless we bring the spotlight to the situation, it can be easily forgotten, overlooked or accepted as the way things are.

Too many times we do that to ourselves in our own lives. We simply shrug and accept the stress load we’re carrying, because it’s become a familiar problem!  On top of that, it feels like it’s

too complex to even attempt to change.

And yet, by taking small changes each day, you really can feel better. Start with “educating” yourself about what the major stress triggers are in your life right now. Then see what you can do in each area to resolve something that would make a big difference in how you feel. Take the reins back in your life and stop feeling the hapless victim of circumstances. Even if the situations are not of your making, they are in front of you, and you can start making effective changes in how you approach each dilemma.

When you remain passive or hopeless, that can lead to feeling so stressed out that despair and depression become a normal part of each day.  It might seem at first that it’s no big deal if you aren’t contented and happy — after all, whose life is it anyway?  But chronic stress leads to a lot of other problems including bone loss, heart disease, diabetes, ruined relationships… it’s a really long list. You can learn more in my stress management book, Forget Your Troubles (buy the ebook now by clicking the link)

A quick note about my new book — “Get Happy Today: Your Path to Lifelong Happiness” — I’m waiting to be sure Amazon will be ready with the books in stock on 9/11 because I want to do a special promotion on that day, where a portion of my proceeds from sales go to benefit the new museum and memorial at the World Trade Center, planned to open next year on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.  More info to come! I’m really excited and I think you’re going to love my new book. It’s been 15 years in the making, and I can’t wait to share my happiness techniques with you.

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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