Capture Olympic gold

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When the Olympics started, it seemed like “16 days” was a long time — but now here we are at the final day, with the closing ceremony this evening!

Watching the Olympics, I noticed how much that community of athletes can teach us about having a specific goal, driving yourself toward it, picking yourself up when you fall and sticking with your plan… no matter what.
We saw athletes take falls, get disqualified, lose by microseconds to a competitor. And yet in most cases, we saw them mentally regroup, move past the disappointment and ready themselves for the next event or the next chapter in their career.

Rarely did we witness someone remain “inconsolable” about defeat!

Most of us aren’t striving to win a gold medal, but we do want to feel successful. Capture the athlete’s gold-medal attitude, and you can learn how to handle stress and keep on going.

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Have a great Sunday and here’s to your success!


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Renee Goral

April 13, 2010

Good Site.

Renee Goral

April 13, 2010

Good Site.

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