Be-Happier Tip: walk your talk

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You’ve probably heard it dozens of times, someone will comment in admiration about another person and say, “He not only talks the talk — he walks the walk!”

But what does it mean? Basically it means somebody sets high standards in their life, and they actually put the ideas into action.  Consider, in contrast, the person who is all talk and no action!  You hear them talking big about all their plans and yet you never see them do anything. Or you might hear them criticize what someone else is doing and predict failure for that other person.

This weekend, and the days ahead, here is how you can reduce your stress and be happier by walking your own talk:

  • Listen to your own goals and dreams, and pick one to work with. For example, if you’re always saying, “You know, we really should go to museums more often” then that is something you WISH to do. So pay attention. Wishes are important.  Killing wishes in your heart before they are born is a huge stress trigger for most people.
  • Do something — get into action — put into effect that wish of yours, even if only in a small baby step at this time.  Using our example of the museum, if your big wish is to see the Louvre in Paris and the British Museum in London and New York’s Metropolitan Museum, maybe you can’t do all that right now, but do SOMETHING toward your dream.  Go online and look at web sites for those museums. Go visit a local museum in your area.
  • Ask questions of other people in your life — ask what they have noticed you talk about a lot but haven’t done yet. They probably can rattle off a lot of things you might have shoved in the back of your mind because you were busy with work or other projects.

The more you learn to not only talk the talk, but walk that walk with your head held high savoring life, the more you will see that you can enjoy a happier, productive and wish-fulfilled journey.

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