Be-Happier Tip: Stay hopeful

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In everything you do, you have the choice of whether to feel positive, neutral or negative about the outcome. Even if you believe as I do that once we’ve chosen a task or goal, we should focus on doing our best work and not worry about the results turning out in a specific way, it can be hard not to imagine how things will end up.

And when your mind is imagining, it adds in feelings as well. This means that you might be hard at work on something you really want to do and yet your thoughts keep revolving around negative messages. You might not even realize that as you work you are thinking, “I don’t know why I even bother, I know this will fail.”  And yet your whole spirit does know that thought is there, and it drags you down. It can also result in an outcome that is the answer to that “mental wish” for failure!

Guard your thoughts, and when you catch yourself being down on yourself, turn the message around 180 degrees and give yourself an optimistic affirmation. Stay hopeful that your hard work will pay off, whether you’re baking a cake, building a rocket ship, or helping a child with their school project.

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