Be-Happier Tip: be present

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I’m writing this on my lunch break during Brendon Burchard’s absolutely awesome 4-day “EXPERTS ACADEMY” seminar.  One of the messages he hammers home is to amp up your presence — that is a quick tip for improving ANY relationship. Whether it’s in business or at home!

So this weekend I encourage you to be fully present for your family and loved ones.  Not only will it help you engage with what is important to them, but it gives you the invaluable opportunity to connect on a more deeper level with the people who are vitally important to you – the ones you love!

When you are “present” in a relationship what exactly does that mean? Does it mean you can’t do anything else all weekend except follow your mate or kids around, begging then to tell you what’s on their mind? Does it mean taking their emotional temperature every fifteen minutes and hound them to say how they feel “now”?

NOPE. It means listen when they talk. Invite them into a dialogue with you by asking about things you know they are interested in. Don’t just ask questions that can be answered in one syllable.  “Did you have a good time?” is a question that will get a grunt or a “yeah” response.  Pay attention to what is going on in the lives of your loved ones and friends — they will notice that you are more “present” for them. And that is a terrific gift to give anyone!

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks


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