Be-Happier: How To Let Go Of The Old Year

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Happy New Year! Are you all set with your intentions and goals for the coming year? Before we get to that topic, let’s take a moment to RELEASE 2011:

  • Let go of your disappointments that things in a relationship didn’t work out the way you hoped for
  • Let go of the sense of “failure” in your career, financial and business goals — remember that failure is only a perception, and instead choose to see the stepping stones that trying one (or a dozen or even a hundred) path(s) revealed to you as not quite the right path after all
  • Release your feeling that time is getting the best of you and you are growing old. Look for the wisdom and contentment that you gain from another year in your journey here
  • Pack away the stress and worries you had last year, tie a big virtual bunch of helium balloons on the package and release it — watch it float away from you and feel the tension drop from your shoulders

to your success and happiness – and a wonderful 2012.


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