Are you your own #1 priority?

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We get so caught up in all the details of our busy lives that it can be easy to overlook the most important thing of all: what do YOU want?

What is your top priority? Is it your job (getting one or keeping the one you’ve got)? Or your relationship (again, getting one or maintaining/improving your current one)? Or a whole list of other things that could be kids/family, friends, hobbies, political ambitions.

I know in my own life things can get so hectic with a gazillion things to take care of, and everything screams out its importance… but I have to take time each day, even for five or ten minutes, to simply be me. I call it the “Simply Being” meditation, and you can learn about it in my book “Forget Your Troubles”, now available as a download at my site.

Right now I’ve got the price discounted to only $9.95 as a special intro offer, but that’s going up to the regular price ($14.95) on January 15th, so act now.

And when you have a moment, be sure to share and comment at — I’m looking for your questions about how to finally get rid of your stress load and be happy for the rest of your life.

Why wait? Make happiness your #1 priority, and everything else will be so much easier.

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