Evelyn BrooksWelcome! I’m Evelyn Brooks. I’d love to help you change your results by aligning with Universal Laws (instead of against them). Create an empowered life that’s low in stress and high in the WOW factors of love, prosperity, health, success, freedom and joy. It’s easy and delightful to enjoy all your dreams fulfilled…I’ll show you how!


Evelyn Brooks

I’m a certified DreamBuilder coach, certified Life Success Consultant, certified Law of Attraction practitioner, and certified Life Mastery Consultant. It would be my great pleasure to help you find your right path in life, so that you can wake up each day eager to create more of what you love in every area of your […]

How to Overcome Writers Block

Business Dog Typewriter

Writer’s Block Case History: He Was Stopped at the Start One morning last month my phone rang with the barking tone for a celebrity client. He’s been an acclaimed actor since puppyhood, but in the photo he’s incognito as a mild-mannered reporter, wearing eyeglasses and a necktie (hey, it works for Superman). I’ll call him […]

3 Ways to Control Your Stress Level


One of the worst things about being stressed-out is feeling overwhelmed and at a loss how to make any difference. Your situation may feel hopeless, as if you’re surrounded by enemy fire. It feels like “they” are deliberately attacking you for no good reason, and you can’t even find any decent weapons to defend yourself. […]

How to Harness the Power of Your Inner Thinking


We think all the time. Much of the time it’s just a random steady flow of input that speeds past, and then we grab a thought that interests us (or scares us!) and focus more attention on that. So tell me:  what is your next thought going to be? The first time I heard the question–Quick, […]

Stop Playing Chicken with Your Life–Online Seminar


[The free event is over–Sign Up for gifts in sidebar, and you’ll be notified of my next free webinar! Stop Playing “Chicken” with Your Life Free Online Seminar SPECIAL Conference Call with Evelyn Brooks Thousands of people have applied the secrets you’ll discover on this free phone call to create the life they’ve always wanted!  […]

Seven Tips to De-Clutter Your Life!


Any season is the perfect season for getting rid of excess of all kinds in our lives.  This is also a healthy and useful practice for parents to teach their children because it will become a habit that serves them well throughout life. Where do you and your family tend to build up clutter? Here are […]

A Gift for You to Up-level Your Perception to Happiness


Have you noticed that the stores are already showing holiday decor, wrapping paper, gifts and other items for December? Just because the retail world wants to begin their holiday sales as soon as they can, doesn’t mean that we need to jump right in and get stressed out about the holidays in October! Too many […]

Increase Your Confidence And Change Your Life

increase happiness

Out of all the things we can change about ourselves, I believe the one to work on first is your level of self-confidence. Without a solid belief in yourself and your dreams, it’s all too easy to start settling for less — to give up at the first signs of difficulty — to talk yourself […]

A Law of Attraction Mystery. Professor Bubbles, a science teacher with a secret identity and unusual powers, must get the help of two fifth graders before she vanishes!
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It would be my great pleasure to help you find your right path in life, so that you can wake up each day eager to create more of what you love in every area of your life…
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