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Welcome! I’m a personal transformation author, blogger, screenwriter, and speaker. I specialize in helping you go quickly from Heartache to Happiness! Let me show you how to reinvent your life Evelyn Brooksat any age, and rebuild after grief or loss (including divorce).  I’d love to help you stop sabotaging yourself and settling for less than what you desire. Would you like to create an empowered life overflowing with health, wealth, freedom and joy? It’s easy and delightful to enjoy all your dreams fulfilled…I’ll show you how! Start with this powerful gift collection…

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Your $97 Gift Collection to Relax, Unwind & De-Stress

"River Walk" 25-minute guided meditation; "Guilt, Blame & Shame Dissolver" MP3; and "Rip Off Inferior Labels" (book chapter)

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Stop Trying to Control Every Outcome


Most of us learned an upside down and backwards approach to life–we learned to look around us and pay attention to what everyone else is doing and saying, and then react to that.  We are now learning a much better way of living, from an inside-outward perspective, but it takes a commitment to your own […]

How to Stop Stressing over Money


I took an informal survey to find out what most people are stressed about these days–and it’s no surprise to me that the #1 answer is MONEY! Small business owners worry how they are going to meet payroll and vendor bills, parents worry how they will afford their kids’ education or their own retirement, entrepreneurs worry […]

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive in a Mom-and-Pop Business


It can be really stressful to be a business owner. And there’s a special kind of added stress if you are in business with your spouse! Whether you are in the planning stage of a new business that you will run together with your mate, or you’ve been operating a family business for years, you […]

Six Productivity Tips for Your Home-Based Business

Evelyn Brooks

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by your home-based business? If you are new to having a business office at home, it’s vital to understand that the productivity practices you may have followed in the corporate or retail world with your former job just don’t cut it when you’re at home all day, with family and business […]

Free Teleclass–Plant Abundance in the Garden of Your Mind

Woman with Sunflowers

Are you sick and tired of results like these…? Not enough money Too much emotional pain (grief, lingering sadness from divorce, family stress, etc.) Not enough love in your existing relationships—or yearning to find your soulmate Too much discontent with what you’ve got…and longing for something better The class ended — please enjoy the recording: […]

I Believe in You

hands touching

Have you ever wished for someone in your life who completely and unconditionally believed in you? Someone, who, no matter what bright idea you had or what you had done that wasn’t your best, always had your back? Always smiled and saw the “real” you who is capable of so much? Most people never have […]

Free Teleclass Escape from Hell of Grief and Loss

The event is over —  enjoy the one-hour replay here as my gift to you: If you feel like you’ve been gut-punched, I can relate to that. My life story includes loss and trauma that began at a very early age. I know what it’s like to feel like “Grief” is your middle name. But […]

“Stop Being a Doormat NOW!” is my 10-hour downloadable coaching course designed to help you uncover your own long-buried desires for happiness. You'll learn to come from within and bring your big dreams to life. Stop being an easy target for relationship vampires. UNCOVER what is holding you back. RELEASE fear and worry. DUMP your toxic relationships. SPEAK UP with my suggested SCRIPTS for what to say. CREATE a powerful self-image and CLAIM the life and love you desire.
Healthy self-confidence is the secret key to success and happiness. Unlock your potential to have high levels of courage, persistence and resilience in all areas of your life. Key in lock Release the evil of self-doubt that holds you back from achieving everything you’d love. The self-paced 4-week e-course will show you the way to achieve all your desire.
Attract the Health and Wealth You Desire--Get yourself in perfect harmony with the vigorous health and abundant wealth that you desire…and those results must come to you. It is Law!
YOU WERE BORN TO TRIUMPH: Create a Five-Star Life in Your Quantum Kitchen
Use this comprehensive guide like your secret recipe to a happy life. Five simple steps--apply them to your life consistently and enjoy the life you've always dreamed of. You were born to be successful and triumphant!
It's time to start healing! Divorce? Disaster? Job loss? Scary medical diagnosis? Passing of a loved one or pet? Learn how to heal your pain, unearth the treasure from it, and move forward with peace in your heart.
Do you need someone fun, inspirational and lively to speak at your next event, workshop, conference, luncheon or teleseminar? Evelyn is a bestselling author, event host, certified success coach, radio show guest, and more.