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Evelyn BrooksWelcome! I’m a consultant specializing in grief and life coaching, offering practical solutions for a better life. I’d love to help you change your results (instead of sabotaging yourself). Create an empowered life overflowing with health, wealth, freedom and joy. It’s easy and delightful to enjoy all your dreams fulfilled…I’ll show you how!

Free Teleclass–Plant Abundance in the Garden of Your Mind

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Are you sick and tired of results like these…? Not enough money Too much emotional pain (grief, lingering sadness from divorce, family stress, etc.) Not enough love in your existing relationships—or yearning to find your soulmate Too much discontent with what you’ve got…and longing for something better The class ended — please enjoy the recording: […]

I Believe in You

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Have you ever wished for someone in your life who completely and unconditionally believed in you? Someone, who, no matter what bright idea you had or what you had done that wasn’t your best, always had your back? Always smiled and saw the “real” you who is capable of so much? Most people never have […]

Free Teleclass Escape from Hell of Grief and Loss

The event is over —  enjoy the one-hour replay here as my gift to you: If you feel like you’ve been gut-punched, I can relate to that. My life story includes loss and trauma that began at a very early age. I know what it’s like to feel like “Grief” is your middle name. But […]

Video Training How to Improve & Fix All Your Relationships

I invite you to end that internal tug-of-war between what you desire to enjoy and experience, and that old message that it’s more important to be practical…and to be satisfied with what you’ve got now. If there’s a dream calling from within you for MORE, decide now whether or not to honor that dream…expand and […]

Money Money Who’s Stressing Over Money?

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Small business owners worry how they are going to meet payroll and vendor bills, parents worry how they will afford their kids’ education or their own retirement, entrepreneurs worry how they will replace their previous income while building their new business, and everybody seems to be worrying how to enjoy life when they can’t seem […]

Is Something Missing in Your Life?

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If you’ve ever woken up and groaned softly to yourself, thinking not-so-kindly about the day ahead, then there’s something important missing in your life–and I think I know what it is… Passion for your own journey! If your thoughts revolve around the household, the job, the family’s needs…the chores to be done, the errands to […]

Dump Your Money Stress

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There are two things I’ll say up front about “money stress”– 1) if you’ve got it, you’re inadvertently pushing money away from you, and 2) if you’re a parent, you’re teaching your children (by example) that struggles around finances are a big headache they can look forward to experiencing when they grow up. So let’s […]

Learn how to heal and rebuild your life in the aftermath of emotional pain. There are many roads to grief: bereavement, divorce, pet loss, empty nest, retirement, health challenges and other loss or trauma. I'll show you the way out, so that you can wake up each day eager to create more of what you love in every area of your life.
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Do you need someone fun, inspirational and lively to speak at your next event, workshop, conference, luncheon or teleseminar? Evelyn is a bestselling author, event host, certified success coach, radio show guest, and more.