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Your Grief Relief book cover

Feeling overwhelmed by grief or divorce pain? In this book, if you follow along with me and open your mind to trying out new things, we’re going to deconstruct your grieving habits, and then put them back together in a way that serves your life and your happiness better than the old ways we were all taught.

You don’t have to keep feeling like the bottom fell out of your life. It truly is within your power to change, and to begin enjoying each day at a higher level than ever before. I know, because I have done this. I’ve taken a lifetime of deep grief and transformed it into joy with the process of self-actualization which I share with you in this book.

I believe there’s a major flaw in the premise of how we’ve been taught to deal with grief. We’ve been taught to focus on the pain, to talk about it all the time, to concentrate on looking in the rearview mirror of our life and in feeling like we’re never going to recover. That’s how I spent most of my life, starting in early childhood when one death and tragedy after another beset my immediate family during my growing-up years.

What is grief? We’ve all experienced it, to one degree or another, and yet it can feel elusive to define. How about this: grief is when it feels like your heart is breaking, when you feel doubled over with pain, and you wonder dully if you will ever find joy in the dawning of a new day.

By trial and error, I found an authentic and gentle way to survive and thrive, and in this book I’ll show you how to do it, too. I believe we are meant to learn how to be joyful no matter what happens—and we can achieve immense emotional and spiritual growth by refusing to surrender to grief’s iron fist.


Buy the book now and begin healing. You can download a free sample by going here: Your Grief Relief book
I wrote “Your Grief Relief” to help you integrate the love and joy with sweet memories, and release all the pain. The past can’t hold us in thrall to grief unless we allow it to.