You Already Have All You Need to Enjoy an Abundant and Happy Life

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Did you ever stop to think what a devastating thing it is to have an inferiority complex? It means the person fails before they even get started. The mindset of thinking that others can do things that you can’t is filled with beliefs about yourself that are hardly flattering, and less than useful.


In the novel Star Trek: The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward, Lieutenant Chen has been called to the bridge to help Captain Picard. Chen is half-human and half-Vulcan (in case you are not familiar with Star Trek, Vulcans, such as the famous “Mister Spock” played by Leonard Nimoy for many years, are highly evolved humanoids from the ancient planet Vulcan). 


Chen frets over being inferior to full-Vulcans, and not up to par with the humans in the crew, either. As Ward relates Chen’s dilemma, “Her life choices had seen to it that she was woefully deficient when it came to many facets of Vulcan customs and cultures. That especially was true with respect to the broad spectrum of physical and mental disciplines to which Vulcans subjected themselves.” And then Chen sums it up, thinking, “I really should look into doing something about that, one of these days.”


Even as we read about her promise to herself, we’re already raising an eyebrow, wondering if she’ll ever get “around to it.”  All too often we make those vague promises to ourselves that we’ll go on a diet really soon, or we’ll get more organized next week for sure, or we’ll do something about finding a more fulfilling job but not until after the busy season.


What if you had no doubts about your abilities? What if you understood that whatever you really would like to do, you are completely capable of doing? Would that feel good? Would it feel liberating? Would it feel like life suddenly got a whole lot more fun?


Think about it. What would you do if you knew it was possible, that you already have the tools you need, right in your own mind?