Why you should eat chocolate

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Did you know that in our culture, the most frequently craved food is CHOCOLATE?

For many people, especially women, chocolate has almost become a demon to avoid. And yet, eaten in moderation, chocolate can be an important part of your stress reduction program!

  • when you are craving chocolate, your body is trying to tell you something – some research shows that a brisk 15 minute walk will help reduce that craving.  Your endorphin levels are low — that’s a feel good hormone your body naturally produces. You might have heard of the “runner’s high” that people experience, caused by endorphin release, as I explain in my book FORGET YOUR TROUBLES (buy the ebook and you can have instant access to read it on your computer or your Kindle reader)
  • If you are feeling tired and want a quick boost, that bite of chocolate can  help you feel better. Anecdotal evidence is massive on this subject. Just ask a friend how a good piece of chocolate makes her or him feel!
  • Eating chocolate has been shown to decrease negative feelings. Some say it is a natural anti-depressant. If you are striving to lead a positive and constructive life, then go ahead and indulge in a lovely chocolate truffle, bonbon or whatever strikes your fancy. Again, the important thing to remember is moderation – it doesn’t take much to satisfy your craving so don’t go overboard and sabotage your diet
  • It tastes wonderful!

I love chocolate, but oddly enough I didn’t acquire the taste until my late teens. I never liked chocolate milk as a kid. Milk chocolate candy, however, became my favorite, up until a few years ago when I realized a cysteine (milk protein) intolerance was standing in the way of me and my fave treat. I’ve found some dark chocolates are too bitter for my taste, and many of the most popular brands include milk even in the dark chocolate formulations. But there are some brands out there that work for me — my favorites are at Cost Plus World Market. The one with sea salt is yummy!

So enjoy your chocolate and don’t feel guilty over it. If you are in the Los Angeles area, visit my friend Hasty Torres’s exquisite candy shop in Beverly Hills — Madame Chocolat.  And in New York, stop by either of her husband’s two stores — Monsieur Chocolat.  Get info at madamechocolat.com/

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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