What Does the Word "Care" Mean To You?

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I think most of us would check off the word “caring” if we were given a list of adjectives and told to mark the ones that describe our own personality.

But what does it really mean to be a “caring” person? I know someone who can tell you a whole lot about this subject, because she created a web site that has over 20 million members and they care about a vast array of topics ranging from green living to supporting health and vitality causes, and animal rights. The list is a long one and I won’t take the time to tell you all about the different causes. You can probably fill in the list yourself because you are the kind of person who DOES care about the environment, about better health for kids and seniors, and a lot of other issues that are in the news and on our minds.

Tomorrow, I’m honored to be a special “luminary” at Gail Goodwin’s www.care2.com site.  She’s featuring me as an expert on green living!

Here’s the link to find me tomorrow, starting at 1:30pm Pacific Time (that’s Los Angeles Time):  Evelyn on care2.com

While you’re there, I hope you’ll take the time to become a member of the care2 community — it’s totally free to join and lots of fun to fill out your profile with all the details of what you enjoy in life, what causes you support, and even what kind of people inspire you!  I haven’t even finished filling out my entire profile yet, so this is a good reminder to me to get over to care2.com and do that!  It’s also a terrific place to make new friends (and they even have a singles section for those seeking romance!)

to your happiness… and extra caring,


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