What aura do you radiate to the world?

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Think about the people you meet throughout the day — do you feel like you can tell their mood instantly, without their uttering a single word? Most of us are actually pretty easy to read. Our facial expressions and body language give countless clues about the thoughts going on in our heads.

Sometimes you encounter someone and you can feel the anger, upset and stress pouring out of them like a physical emanation. And  happy people, well, we radiate joy!  Take a moment to consider the silent message you give to everyone. It’s in your power to amp up the wattage of your spirit and transmit cheerfulness, peace of mind and serenity… without even saying anything.

Try it next time you are in a somewhat lousy or dark mood. Maybe you have been working under a deadline and you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But you need to dash out to the bank on an important errand. Resenting the time it’s taking, you get in line, scowling at everyone, even if you are generally a pleasant person to be around. Recognize the DARK AURA you are sending out to everyone in the room!

Instantly shift to a BRIGHT AURA by consciously breathing out all the negativity in a quick burst of air. Relax your shoulders. SMILE.  Your entire body will feel the difference as you allow yourself to relax completely and be more at ease. Realize that being anxious and annoyed won’t make the errand go any faster. So you might as well take a joyful outlook and enjoy this simple break from your regular work.

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